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Ensuring compensation-focused compliance with Stark Law considerations 18 Jul 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
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Preparing for HIPAA Enforcement 10 Jul 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
The nuances of creating a care transitions program based on predicted readmission risk 04 Jul 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
Advantages and disadvantages of Electronic Health Records 29 Jun 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
Bringing about positive changes into the US healthcare system 13 Jun 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
HIPAA implementation for human resources 12 Jun 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
Stark Law considerations for structuring and auditing medical director and administrative agreements 30 May 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
HIPAA compliance for offshore vendors 26 May 2017 Netzealous -MentorHealth
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