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Imperialist intervention in Venezuela: UPDATE 9

In the process of fabricating pretexts against Venezuela, the U.S. is expressing concern about “the humanitarian and ... allegedly includes food and medicine packages for 10 days, which ...

Source: Countercurrents
Published: 14 Feb 2019

Practical ethics projects tackle robotics, autonomous vehicles, humanitarian disasters

To support these efforts, Johns Hopkins created the Exploration of Practical Ethics program, which provides grants for ... and the team of researchers from the Bloomberg School, the School of Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, and Cal Berkeley leveraged the ...

Source: HUB
Published: 13 Nov 2018

Loyola Physician Susan Hou, MD, Receives Humanitarian Award

Loyola Medicine kidney specialist Susan Hou ... Excellence in Humanities and Medical Ethics Award. The other recipient is Dr. Hou's husband, Mark Molitch, MD, who co-founded the Centro Medico Humberto Parra along with Dr. Hou and a Bolivian physician.

Source: USA Patch
Published: 26 Jun 2018

IIHA Students Delve into Global Humanitarian Challenges

To complete the major, each student enrolled in the Humanitarian Studies Major wrote a thesis incorporating interdisciplinary themes such as philosophy, women and gender studies, ethics ... as the role of traditional medicine in humanitarian aid in ...

Source: Medium
Published: 04 Jun 2018

Douglas Shenson, MD, MPH, MS, MA

Shenson is Associate Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Medicine, and Associate Clinical Professor ... He is a co-founder of the medical humanitarian organization, Doctors of the World USA (now HealthRight International), and founder of the Human Rights ...

Published: 05 Jul 2018

University Courses take on challenging, interdisciplinary topics

Law professor Laurie Blank (center), director of the International Humanitarian Law Clinic ... Scholar in Bioethics and Jewish Thought, Center for Ethics; associate professor, Department of Medicine; and associate professor, Department of Religion.

Source: Emory News Center
Published: 12 Jan 2017

Ethics review of research in the context of humanitarian relief work

Two articles published this week in the open-access journal PLoS Medicine highlight the need for, and the practicalities of, getting appropriate ethical review of research done in the context of humanitarian relief. An article by Doris Schopper and ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 28 Jul 2009

SPECIAL REPORT: Compensation talks begin for Lao dam disaster victims

The investors were, meanwhile, providing humanitarian aid and donating money ... restore damaged infrastructure and distribute medicine, food and clothing. SK E&C also erected temporary housing for displaced persons in the Sanamxay area at the request ...

Source: The Nation
Published: 17 Feb 2019

Debating evidence and innovation in humanitarian assistance: a conference without borders

For instance, there are now well established ethics frameworks for research in humanitarian ... a place to debate and further innovation and evidence in humanitarian medicine. For the MSF Scientific Day agendas and to watch the conference free live online ...

Source: BMC Blogs Network
Published: 19 May 2016

A humanitarian comes home

Now, 15 years later, Kayden is an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, an emergency physician at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and an authority in the humanitarian response to global disasters, both natural and man-made.

Published: 19 Dec 2011

Event: Medicine Under Pressure: Arts Week highlight

The Law and Ethics of Medicine in Conflict Situations’ a panel of distinguished legal and philosophical minds will discuss the professional regulation of doctors at work in combat, occupation and humanitarian relief settings. Bioethics expert Professor ...

Published: 23 Apr 2009

Toward a Globalized Humanitarian Medicine

Humanitarian Medicine goes beyond the usual therapeutic act and promotes, provides and teaches, supports and ensures peoples’ health as a human right in conformity with the ethics of the Hippocratic teaching, the principles of the World Health ...

Source: Zenit News Agency
Published: 20 Feb 2006

Physician-academics help assess medical response on the ground in Iraq

The visit left the Stanford Medicine professor of pediatrics and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies with questions about health care, humanitarian ethics, and conduct of war: Are there better ways to deliver emergency ...

Published: 07 Nov 2017

Debating the Ethics of Experimental Drugs

and Virginia Connolly Mitty Professor of Bioethics at the New York University School of Medicine and founding director of the Division of Medical Ethics at the NYU Langone ... of a corporate entity to make humanitarian decisions—with conflicting ...

Source: Boston University
Published: 18 Mar 2015

Earthquakes to Floods: A Scoping Review of Health-related Disaster Research in Low- and Middle-income Countries

Tansey Humanitarian Health Ethics Research Group, McGill University ... that are listed in the National Library of Medicine’s Medical Subject Headings (MESH). To define an LMIC we used the World Bank classification as it stood in 2012 i.e., at the ...

Published: 30 Aug 2018

A century on, do civilian and military medical ethics differ?

In a rather fundamental sense there is something antithetical about war and medicine ... else might civilian and military medical ethics differ? Perhaps the answer has something to do with the concept of military necessity. International humanitarian ...

Source: The Conversation
Published: 28 Jul 2014

Iraq Humanitarian Efforts

Ms. ALBUQUERQUE: Shelter, water, clothes, food, medicine, supplies. LAWTON: And it’s a very big area to have to cover? Ms. ALBUQUERQUE: It’s a very big area and again, it’s a problem also of access for the humanitarian organizations. How to reach ...

Source: PBS
Published: 21 Mar 2003

Health Care in Danger: Launch of a Common Core on Ethics

The panel discussion will gather the authors and signatories of this common core on ethics. Within the framework of the Health Care in Danger (HCiD) project, the World Medical Association (WMA), the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM), the ...

Published: 28 Jun 2015

Can Stoicism Make Us Happy?

Thus, Pigliucci’s argument for embracing a similar humanitarian outlook appeals to an evolutionary ... The larger question here is whether the politics and ethics that modern Stoicism proposes are the right ones for our age. Many Stoics, Pigliucci ...

Source: The Nation
Published: 06 Feb 2019

The Need for Professional Standards in Global Health

These discussions highlight the critical importance of establishing (and adhering to) core principles and codes of conduct in clinical medicine ... Code of Ethics and Conduct to guide good management practices for NGOs [10]. In the global humanitarian ...

Published: 26 Mar 2015

Humanitarian Disasters in the Networked Age

The talk was relevant to the Center’s Ethics and Governance ... on human rights, humanitarian issues, and technology in publications including the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, the Lancet, the Annals of Internal Medicine, and many others.

Source: Medium
Published: 06 Nov 2017

Do bright ideas in aid need checks and balances?

Balancing the risks The big difference between failed innovation in a commercial company and failed innovation in a humanitarian setting is that lives can literally be at risk. “Ethics in humanitarian ... that we have in medicine of 'do no harm'.

Source: IRIN
Published: 16 Jun 2015

Humanitarian Intervention in Libya?

With the lives of many Libyans at stake, pressure is building for the United States to lead a humanitarian intervention ... and writes on ethics and public policy. He is a professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine. He can be reached at ashamoo ...

Source: Foreign Policy in Focus
Published: 16 Mar 2011

Humanitarian Blockchains: A New Tool to Solve Global Problems?

Storing information in a blockchain can make it easier to verify if the money or asset (food, medicine ... but with the potential humanitarian uses starting to be developed, we now need, more than ever, to keep ethics in mind. It is a fact that there ...

Source: ArcticStartup
Published: 19 Dec 2017

Bioscience companies earn Flinn Foundation grants

It will reduce health care costs for hospitals, enable doctors to provide personalized medicine and help ... and ethical implications of humanitarian and foreign intervention. “In such crises, what response does Islamic ethics require from Muslim states ...

Published: 07 Mar 2016

Fellows in the News: Dr. Cavens named Humanitarian Woman of the Year, and more

The center serves students and scholars in research, study and service in ethics, medical humanities and history. Dr. Baker is professor of pediatrics and history and most recently was director of the Trent Center’s Program in the History of Medicine.

Source: Pediatrics
Published: 19 Oct 2016

Counterterrorism, ethics, and global health

It also identifies concerns involving moral agency and responsibility – specifically of humanitarian health workers ... "the militarization of health care," in which medicine is incorporated into warfare. As an example, they cite the covert operation ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 18 Jun 2014

Science's Fantastic Growth Prompts Call For Ethics Code

Scientists have no such equivalent, even though their work increasingly has moral, ethical, humanitarian and social implications ... founding director of the McGill (University) Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law in Montreal. "The basic premise was ...

Source: Chicago Tribune
Published: 01 Jan 2001

Medical Ethics in the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Nazi Doctors, Racial Hygiene, Murder and Genocide

His paper, which was published in the May 1990 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, found that the methods used ... studying Holocaust Survivors and was granted the 2014 Kravitz Humanitarian award of the Psychoanalytic Institute.

Published: 14 Jan 2016

Jonathan Whittall: Medics as force multipliers around Mosul—at the expense of medical ethics?

Sixteen years after the so called “War on Terror” began, most humanitarian ... ethics. Independent health facilities allow patients who do not feel safe going to military installations to still access care, whereas the marriage between medicine and ...

Published: 14 Jun 2017