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Ethics, robotics and AI: Where do the three meet?

"Instead of seeing ethics as something that slows down or stifles innovation ... such as delivery robots, robots used in humanitarian settings, as well as sex robots. Van Wynsberghe comes from a science background (she started off in cell biology) and ...

Source: ITWeb
Published: 02 Aug 2018

Loyola Physician Susan Hou, MD, Receives Humanitarian Award

Loyola Medicine kidney specialist Susan Hou ... Excellence in Humanities and Medical Ethics Award. The other recipient is Dr. Hou's husband, Mark Molitch, MD, who co-founded the Centro Medico Humberto Parra along with Dr. Hou and a Bolivian physician.

Source: USA Patch
Published: 26 Jun 2018

Humanitarian Paul Farmer Wins Prestigious MacLean Center Ethics Prize

Newswise — Acclaimed physician and global health worker Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, is the winner of the 2017 MacLean Center Prize in Clinical Medical Ethics, the largest such ... Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Surgery and director of the ...

Source: Newswise
Published: 03 Nov 2017

Emirati doctor who’s dedicated to humanitarian work

Abu Dhabi: Working as a full-time doctor in Abu Dhabi does not prevent Aisha Al Memari from also dedicating her time to humanitarian work. The first Emirati physician to specialise in emergency medicine, Al Memari has a long list of accomplishments in the ...

Source: Gulf News
Published: 17 Aug 2017

UN leaders appeal for immediate lifting of humanitarian blockade in Yemen – lives of millions are at risk

To deprive this many from the basic means of survival is an unconscionable act and a violation of humanitarian principles and law. Fuel, medicine and food – all of which are now blocked from entry – are desperately needed to keep people alive.

Source: World Health Organization
Published: 16 Nov 2017

UN says 80 percent of Yemeni children need humanitarian aid

CAIRO (AP) — Three U.N agencies say nearly 80 percent of Yemeni children need immediate humanitarian assistance amid the collapse ... Houthi rebels has damaged infrastructure and caused medicine shortages in the Arab world's poorest country.

Source: NewsOK
Published: 26 Jul 2017

Ethics review of research in the context of humanitarian relief work

Two articles published this week in the open-access journal PLoS Medicine highlight the need for, and the practicalities of, getting appropriate ethical review of research done in the context of humanitarian relief. An article by Doris Schopper and ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 28 Jul 2009

Syria’s Humanitarian Disaster: How Aid Has Become a Weapon of War

(MORE: To Syria’s Revolutionaries, Assad Isn’t Looking So Bad After All) The U.N. estimates that some 200,000 Syrians are under siege by government forces, unable to receive food, medicine ... Syrian humanitarian workers must apply for time-consuming ...

Source: Time World
Published: 15 Jan 2014

Annual Harold Alper, M.D. Humanitarian Endowment Fund Established

The Harold Alper M.D. Humanitarian Lecture Series will include one lecture intended for a community-wide audience, covering such topics as end-of-life care, spirituality in medicine, medical ethics, psycho-social care, health policy, cultural disparities ...

Published: 09 Jun 2008

A century on, do civilian and military medical ethics differ?

In a rather fundamental sense there is something antithetical about war and medicine ... else might civilian and military medical ethics differ? Perhaps the answer has something to do with the concept of military necessity. International humanitarian ...

Source: The Conversation
Published: 28 Jul 2014

Iraq Humanitarian Efforts

Ms. ALBUQUERQUE: Shelter, water, clothes, food, medicine, supplies. LAWTON: And it’s a very big area to have to cover? Ms. ALBUQUERQUE: It’s a very big area and again, it’s a problem also of access for the humanitarian organizations. How to reach ...

Source: PBS
Published: 21 Mar 2003

Israeli minister confirms Netanyahu met Sisi over Gaza

The World Bank has described the situation as a humanitarian crisis with shortages of water, electricity and medicine. Citing security concerns ... recruits new compliance head from Siemens after ethics stumbles Visit site

Source: Reuters
Published: 14 Aug 2018

Archbishop makes plea to remember Ukraine’s ‘silent and forgotten war’

Four years of fighting in eastern Ukraine have led to “the biggest humanitarian crisis on the European continent ... proportional view of ethics, deontological view and ideologization, and choice of conscience”. This view is completely rejected by ...

Source: Catholic World Report
Published: 10 Aug 2018

Africa: Don't Forget Ethics When Mapping Uncharted Slums

In a lecture theatre - fittingly named after Snow - at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ... But the issue of ethics cropped up several times throughout the panel discussion at the launch. If humanitarian mapping initiatives such as Missing ...

Published: 18 Nov 2014

Iraqi Humanitarian Efforts

BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: We have a special report today on the bravery and dedication of U.S. and other humanitarian aid workers in Iraq ... we need so much. SEELYE: For RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY, I’m Kate Seelye in Baghdad.

Source: PBS
Published: 12 Dec 2003

The cultured body and the cult of medicine

Jolie is a humanitarian ... is that the image of medicine to which they aspire is more like that of Teresa, than of the cosmetic surgeon. Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD is the Director of the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics and holds the Tenet ...

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Published: 23 Aug 2011

Ethical considerations for vaccination programmes in acute humanitarian emergencies

Centre for Medical Ethics and Law, Faculty of Medicine and Health ... are rooted in the more general ethical principles governing clinical medicine and public health. Acute humanitarian emergencies differ widely in nature, in the threats they pose, in ...

Source: World Health Organization
Published: 28 Jul 2013

Book Accuses French Minister, Humanitarian of Impropriety

medicine and public health, and that he did work in West Africa. But, he said, he "never signed a contract with an African state. Never." "Is there something shocking in a former health minister, who carried out humanitarian missions for Doctors Without ...

Source: The Washington Post
Published: 05 Feb 2009

Counterterrorism, ethics, and global health

It also identifies concerns involving moral agency and responsibility – specifically of humanitarian health workers ... "the militarization of health care," in which medicine is incorporated into warfare. As an example, they cite the covert operation ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 18 Jun 2014

RAM Founder to Receive CWRU’s Inamori Ethics Prize

Newswise — Stan Brock, the humanitarian who has been delivering free health care worldwide through his nonprofit organization Remote Area Medical (RAM) for 25 years, will be recognized as the recipient of the 2010 Inamori Ethics Prize, awarded by the ...

Source: Newswise
Published: 14 Apr 2010

In Iraq and Syria, humanitarian aid workers struggle within a strained system

More than ever before, the humanitarian aid system as we know it is being stretched, questioned and tested. Among those bearing this strain are the individual aid workers. Humanitarian aid workers around the world provide vital material and medical support ...

Source: The Conversation
Published: 27 Nov 2016

Drones that save lives? Meet humanitarian aid’s newest tool

(Photo/Courtesy of Globhe) Public health experts and people providing humanitarian aid in remote areas are now ... Drone pilots sometimes must fly medicine across national borders, potentially violating the law, for example. But USC experts aim to share ...

Source: USC-News
Published: 06 Jun 2018

Drones that save lives? Meet humanitarian aid’s newest tool

(Photo/Courtesy of Globhe) Public health experts and people providing humanitarian aid in remote areas are now ... Drone pilots sometimes must fly medicine across national borders, potentially violating the law, for example. But USC experts aim to share ...

Source: USC-News
Published: 06 Jun 2018

Shaikh Zayed’s humanitarian work around the world

Zayed Humanitarian Day is held each year as an occasion to remember ... From launching housing projects for the needy to providing food and medicine for people suffering from poverty regardless of race, sex, language or religion, Zayed’s inclusiveness ...

Source: Gulf News
Published: 16 Jul 2014

Better ethics education needed in community-based research

But existing programs that educate researchers, community groups and institutional review boards about research ethics "fail to meet the needs ... of Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Community-engaged research has been defined as ...

Published: 02 May 2012