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The trauma-informed barber is changing the narrative of mental health for young men of color and their families. Maybe it was your lived experience, or maybe it was something you saw in the movies: sitting in the barber shop getting your haircut and talking about all sorts of things from funny to serious to ridiculous.

Source: Psychology Today
Published: 18 May 2021

Rowan University graduates its first clinical psychology doctoral students

Five Rowan University students received their doctoral degrees in clinical psychology Tuesday, the first class to graduate from the program since its 2016 launch. Their hooding ceremony marks a significant step in the University’s transformation as a research powerhouse,

Source: Rowan
Published: 11 May 2021

A clinical science approach to psychology

Then she met with Mary Dozier, Amy Elizabeth du Pont Chair of Developmental Psychology at the University of Delaware. She took their advice. “It wasn’t until I was interviewing with Mary that I saw the value of the clinical science approach,” she said.

Source: University of Delaware
Published: 30 Apr 2021

6 Tips For Healthy Social Media Use From a Clinical Psychologist

Social media gives our brains those hits of dopamine that make it hard to stay away, and the constant feedback can be addictive. But all of these forces in action can make us feel bad about ourselves,

Source: YAHOO!News
Published: 10 May 2021

Clinical psychologists too seeking therapy

I love what I do, and I feel guilty if I’m not always available. I have mixed emotions. I also feel exhausted and ambushed. Is this really happening?” sighs Radhika Bapat, a slight young woman, her thoughts restlessly vacillating.

Source: The Times of India on
Published: 15 May 2021

A clinical psychologist's 'soft criticism' technique for disciplining your child

Clinical psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore explains her 'soft criticism' method of disciplining your child without making them feel bad about themselves.

Source: HerFamily
Published: 11 May 2021

Psychology researchers examine student behaviors prior to and at outset of COVID-19 pandemic

A collaborative research project conducted by a University of Southern Mississippi (USM) psychology professor and her team looked at behaviors of students related to mental health, stress, and substance abuse in 2019 compared to the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Source: Picayune Item
Published: 18 May 2021

What's the matter with South Africa? UCT psychologist puts 'Nation On The Couch'

Prof.Wahbie Long, is a clinical psychologist in the Department of Psychology at UCT and author of Nation on the Couch.

Source: Cape Talk on
Published: 18 May 2021

It is okay for parents to seek help when parenting – Clinical Psychologist says

According to Mr Nortey Dua – a Clinical Psychologist, parenting can be a daunting task, one that requires many approaches to ensure that your ward has the best of life, hence the need for ...

Source: MyJoyOnline
Published: 01 May 2021

Have You Ever Traced Your Hands to Calm Your Anxiety? A Psychologist Shares How

She suggests repeating this for several minutes to calm your stress response to whatever is causing you anxiety. Just by testing it out myself on a work-filled Monday morning, I found it to be relaxing simply because the motion of tracing my fingers reminded me of the rise and fall — the crests and troughs — of ocean waves.

Source: PopSugar
Published: 10 May 2021

Renowned Psychologist Releases NEW edition of her acclaimed book "WARRIOR" for Mental Health Awareness Month

During this mental health awareness month, at a pivotal point in our nation’s history, a new edition of the book WARRIOR by renowned psychologist Dr. Shauna Springer urges us to challenge our core assumptions about trauma and healing.

Published: 11 May 2021

Livingston boss David Martindale says hiring clinical psychologist has played huge part in club's success as they eye fifth place

The Lions gaffer says Dr Jagdish Basra's work with the players has been a 'massive part' of the club's success during a challenging season off the park.

Source: Daily Record on
Published: 14 May 2021

Canadian clinical psychologist examines the deeper meaning of life and how to live it

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson examines the deeper meaning of life and how to live it in a new episode of Fox Nation’s "Tucker Carlson Today."

Source: Fox News
Published: 05 May 2021

Is therapy a good strategy to deal with stress? A clinical psychologist answers

We’ve all experienced stress in different ways. Whether it is the night before an examination, or trying to meet deadlines at your workplace, stress is a part and parcel of a fast-paced life. We all find ourselves in situations that are challenging,

Source: Healthshots on
Published: 11 May 2021

Bringing Psychotherapy Research to Life: Understanding Change Through the Work of Leading Clinical Researchers

Many clinicians today are unaware of the implications ofpsychotherapy research for their practice. And while they knowwhere to find details on methods and

Source: JSTOR
Published: 14 May 2021

MSU psychology clinic offers free mental health services for youth

With more than $200,000 from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), Mississippi State University’s Psychology Clinic is providing free mental health services for Mississippi’s youth,

Source: Mississippi State University
Published: 14 May 2021

Return to large crowds may impact mental health, psychologist says

People are used to experiencing COVID anxiety associated with crowds and there may be some residual effect of that.'

Source: WFMZ-TV
Published: 12 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month: Auburn counseling and sport psychologist Dr. Joanna Foss

An internship at the United States Military Academy confirmed Dr. Joanna Foss's career path, one that ultimately led her to the Plains as a sport psychologist.

Source: Auburn Tigers
Published: 12 May 2021

Conducting double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS)

Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a form of non-invasive brain stimulation that applies low-amplitude rhythmic electrical current to the scalp for the modulation of cortical oscillations 1.

Source: Nature
Published: 12 May 2021

Psychology Today

and their control (see Psychology Today)—both are dysfunctional, fragile and unstable ways of judging oneself. Clinical perfectionism has various harmful expressions that maintain the ...

Source: Psychology Today
Published: 01 May 2021

Big Health names mental health equity expert and clinical psychologist, Dr. Juliette McClendon, Director of Medical Affairs

McClendon is a clinical psychologist with expertise in the research and treatment of mood, anxiety and personality disorders. She is a nationally-known expert on racial and ethnic health ...

Source: Business Wire
Published: 03 May 2021

Children benefit from your ‘thank you’- Clinical psychologist to parents

A clinical psychologist has admonished parents to learn to communicate words of affirmation and encouragement to their children when they achieve a desirable action. Nortey Dua believes words of ...

Source: MyJoyOnline
Published: 26 Apr 2021

The Tools That a Clinical Psychologist Suggests for Taxed Parents

The clinical psychologist and mom of three offers actionable advice in knowledgable-yet-non-judgmental Instagram videos. Since last March, her account has attracted a following of over half a ...

Source: Wall Street Journal
Published: 23 Apr 2021

‘Sharing The Covers’: A Clinical Psychologist On How Couples Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep

“Sharing the Covers: Every Couple's Guide to Better Sleep” by behavioral sleep specialist and clinical psychologist Wendy Troxel dives into the issues that might come up for couples sleeping ...

Source: KPCC
Published: 04 May 2021

Clinical psychologist says returning to learn will combat pandemic-induced depression, anxiety in children

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Claudia Allen, a professor of family medicine and director of behavior science at the University of Virginia, is tracking children’s mental health throughout the ...

Source: WWBT
Published: 25 Apr 2021

Cognitive science minor offers interdisciplinary study of mind and science

The minor is most relevant for careers or schooling in clinically oriented directions like speech and language pathology or clinical psychology, but it can be used in non-traditional ways like counseling and mediation or hotel management. Professor Snyder ...

Source: The Daily Campus
Published: 23 Apr 2021

A Psychologist Wants You to Watch Out For 3 Telltale Signs You're Headed Toward Burnout

Burnout is real, whether it's job burnout or burnout from, well, life. Clinical psychologist Julie Smith, based in the UK, explains in the TikTok video above what she believes are three early ...

Source: PopSugar
Published: 27 Apr 2021

‘I’m a Psychologist, and These Are the Benefits of Taking a Social Media Fast’

“A social media fast can offer a much-needed respite for the body, mind, and spirit,” says Carla Marie Manly, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Joy From Fear. “Fasts can increase ...

Source: Well+Good
Published: 19 Apr 2021

Psychologist to examine mom accused of dropping daughter from parking deck

A DuPage County judge Saturday approved appointment of a clinical psychologist to examine a Plano woman accused of dropping her 5-year-old daughter from the top of a parking deck in Winfield in ...

Source: Daily Herald
Published: 01 May 2021