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Boost speech and occupational therapy services for SEN students

Ever since I became a lawmaker, improving the learning environment and conditions of students with special education needs, or SEN students, has been on top of my agenda. As Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is set to deliver her policy address on ...

Source: EJ Insight
Published: 03 Oct 2018

From Dependence to Interdependence: A Holistic Vocational Training Program for People With Disabilities in Tanzania

Between 2012 and 2015, the occupational therapy researcher (the principal investigator) and three teachers made routine follow-up visits to the 97 graduates based on the graduates' availability. A 3-point rating scale was developed by the research team and ...

Source: Healio
Published: 03 Oct 2018

These Surprising Specialists May Help You Kick Habits and Prevent Disease

Primary care topics like health management, wellness and prevention have been cornerstones of occupational therapy for decades, says Ashley Halle MA ’11, OTD ’12, assistant professor of ...

Source: USC-News
Published: 06 Oct 2018

East Central Program Earns Full Accreditation - Occupational Therapy Assistant

East Central College’s health science department has earned full accreditation for its occupational therapy assistant program. “The last few months (have been) all things accreditation in the health science department,” said Robyn Walter, nursing and ...

Source: The Missourian
Published: 04 Oct 2018

What is an Activities of Daily Living Evaluation, and what is its purpose for occupational therapy?

Let’s begin with a definition of an Active Daily Living (or “ADL”) evaluation. An ADL is assessment of a person’s physical, and, frequently, mental state. In occupational therapy, (or “OT”) an individual’s ADL provides information to the ...

Source: eNotes
Published: 06 Oct 2018

Occupational therapy students volunteer at Harrisville Sportsman Night

The Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Sportsman Night on Sept. 15, where several occupational therapy graduate students from Slippery Rock University volunteered in the kitchen and the hall during the event. Sportsman Night is a ...

Source: The Rocket
Published: 04 Oct 2018

New Mexico relaxes occupational license requirements, fees

massage therapy, public accounting, real estate sales, social work, sign language interpreting and more. Occupational licensing by states often is designed to address concerns for public safety and consumer protection but a patch quilt of state rules is ...

Source: Houston Chronicle
Published: 04 Oct 2018

Why occupational health has a pivotal role in tackling mental ill health

Brett Hill explains why he believes occupational health managers have a pivotal role to play in improving mental health, and the practical steps that employers can take. Managing health and safety in the workplace used to be all about trip hazards and fire ...

Source: Personnel Today
Published: 05 Oct 2018

Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary

How Much do Occupational Therapy Assistants Make? Occupational therapy assistants earned a median salary of $59,010 in 2016, according to the BLS. The lowest-paid in the field took home less than $39,160 in 2016, while the best-paid made upward of $80,090.

Source: U.S. News Money
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Rebound Physical Therapy

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Published: 22 Jul 2018

In-home occupational therapy curbs depression in visually impaired patients

Johns Hopkins researchers report that in-home occupational therapy appears to reduce the rate and severity of depression in people at higher risk for the disorder because of seriously impaired vision. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 08 Mar 2017

Occupational Therapy Aide Salary

The highest paid in the occupational therapy aide profession work in the metropolitan areas of San Diego, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Anaheim, California. The Nassau County, New York area also pays well, as does the city of Tucson, Arizona. The states ...

Source: U.S. News Money
Published: 25 Sep 2018

Occupational Therapy

Jason, 10, was left with a brain injury after a bicycle accident. To improve some of his cognitive (thinking) skills, comprehension skills, and coordination, Jason's doctors recommended that he receive occupational therapy (OT). At first, his parents were ...

Source: National Basketball Association
Published: 21 Dec 2016

Can an Occupational Therapy Assistant Become an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is a profession dedicated to helping people develop, recover or improve daily living skills that have been lost due to injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Occupational therapists, or OTs, use everyday living activities such as ...

Published: 17 Jul 2018

Home-Based Occupational Therapy May Benefit Dementia Patients

Home-based occupational therapy may help reduce behavioral problems in dementia patients, resulting in a decrease in the amount of informal care needed and easing the burdens of caregivers, according to a new French study published in the Journal of ...

Source: Psych Central
Published: 23 Dec 2016

SUVs hit sweet spot, make older drivers feel younger

Step-in height is really, really important,” not just for the elderly, but for many people recovering from injury or surgery, said Kolodziejczak, a professional occupational therapist. “The vehicles are just easy to use. It’s easy to see, easy to get ...

Source: Frederick News-Post
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Occupational therapy shown to improve lives of people in chronic pain

Sufferers of chronic pain can benefit from occupational therapy to decrease their pain level and better their quality of life. Credit: Yasmin Davis A new study from the USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy shows that lifestyle ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 17 Aug 2017

At 12, He Reads at a First-Grade Level: How New York Failed T.J.

When T.J. was 2, he began receiving speech and physical therapy, as well as occupational therapy, which is often used to help develop fine motor skills, like the ability to draw with a crayon. All of it was provided by New York City as part of a program ...

Source: The New York Times
Published: 05 Oct 2018

Salaries: Physical Therapy Vs. Occupational Therapy

Physical therapists improve the movement abilities and help manage pain for patients who suffer from injuries or illnesses. Occupational therapists use everyday activities to help patients recover skills for daily living and working. Though both treat and ...

Published: 09 Aug 2018

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health

The mental health treatment journey requires a collaborative effort by many people — the individual, his or her caregivers, support providers, doctors, nurses, teachers, aides, counselors, therapists, and social workers. This collaborative process allows ...

Source: Psych Central
Published: 14 Sep 2013

Occupational Therapy Schools Guide Announces the Best Training Resources

Occupational Therapy Schools Guide announces the list of the most highly rated schools in the country for those interested in becoming occupational therapists NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2015 / The occupational therapy field is not only highly ...

Source: Yahoo Finance
Published: 26 Jun 2015

Occupational Therapy Holds First White Coat Ceremony

Students recite the Oath of an Occupational Therapist. The Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy hosted its inaugural White Coat Ceremony at the Pappas Quad on USC’s Health Science campus on Aug. 26. In front of faculty ...

Source: USC-News
Published: 01 Sep 2011

Occupational Therapy Homework

For a child receiving occupational therapy services, homework involves more than just sitting down and focusing. Your child may have trouble holding his pencil, writing letters with appropriate size and formation, or difficulty copying notes from his textbook.

Source: Fox News
Published: 13 Jan 2010

Q&A: New Vista CEO Dr. Stephen Odom says healthcare needs to be relational, not transactional

We're actually one of the only programs I know of in the whole country that has a licensed occupational therapist. Odom: As far as our niche programs are concerned, if there was opportunity in the right geography, I would put another physicians' program ...

Source: Modern Healthcare
Published: 13 Oct 2018

Taking Alaskans' pulse in the governor’s race

In Midtown at the Black Cup, where it was packed with afternoon coffee drinkers, it was hard to find anyone claiming membership in a political party, except for Margaret Adams, who is 24 and studying for her doctorate in occupational therapy.

Published: 13 Oct 2018

Midwestern Students Begin Professional Journey at White Coat Ceremonies

Students from the University's osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, physical therapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, dental medicine, speech-language pathology, and optometry programs received their white coats before an ...

Source: Chicago Tribune
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Colleges for Occupational Therapy in the U.S.

Occupational therapists work to enhance the life skills of people who have physical, emotional or mental disabilities. After graduating from a graduate school program, students must become licensed in order to work in the field. The following schools are ...

Published: 10 Sep 2012

Designing accessible fashion for people with disabilities

Mallon was so inspired she now helps run open style lab with Grace Jun, as a volunteer. Plus there's an occupational or physical therapist. They worked with residents of The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center in Manhattan. The first task?

Source: PBS
Published: 14 Oct 2018