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Canandaigua mom writes a tender letter to her child before breast cancer surgery

Canandaigua mom writes a tender letter to her child before breast cancer surgery Ellen Scharf thinks back on making a list of what her child would need, when the sight of him playing on the floor brought her to tears. Check out this story on ...

Source: Democrat and Chronicle
Published: 16 Oct 2018

Should Breast Surgery Be Its Own Medical Specialty?

In 2018, breast cancer will be the most common newly diagnosed cancer in the United States, with 286,670 new cases, outstripping lung cancer (in both men and women) by more than 50,000 new cases, according to projections from the American Cancer Society.

Source: Medscape
Published: 12 Oct 2018

DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery offers non-implant option after mastectomy

October has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, stimulating a discussion of innovations in care, prevention and procedures in the treatment of this disease. For over 10 years, Dr ...

Source: NewsOK
Published: 14 Oct 2018

Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: Debunking Four Common Myths

Breast reconstruction after surgery often improves quality of life. Yet many women choose not to have the procedure because of persistent myths about its benefits and risks. People thinking about breast reconstruction should talk to their doctor about the ...

Published: 04 Oct 2018

Choosing a Bra After Breast Surgery: How to Pick the Right One

After undergoing breast cancer surgery, it will take some time to adjust to your new normal. Your body may look different and you may feel different, but it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful and you’re still 100 percent you. Many women ...

Source: WAND
Published: 03 Oct 2018

Breast Reduction Surgery Most Frequently Asked Questions — Answered

Shortly thereafter, my grandma dragged me to Victoria’s Secret: It was time for my first “real” bra. Ironically, after this trip, I’d never fit into their sizes again: By the next year, I was a 36 E, by the end of high school, a 36 G, and by the ...

Source: Teen Vogue
Published: 03 Oct 2018

CCCN’s new hire specializes in breast surgery

Southern Nevadans will benefit from Dr. Rachel Shirley’s extensive research and training in breast surgery when she begins working at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada this month. “When I was growing up in DeRidder, Louisiana, I always knew I ...

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Published: 03 Oct 2018

Cancer survivor gets breast reconstruction surgery and confidence back

BALTIMORE, Maryland — Following Breast Cancer treatment, many women are left feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearance. But there's another breast reconstruction option giving women a chance to feel more like themselves again.

Source: WTVF
Published: 13 Oct 2018

Breast Cancer: Hidden Scar Breast Surgery

Treatment for breast cancer most often involves a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous tumor (lumpectomy) or the entire breast (mastectomy), depending on the case. In the past, the scars ...

Source: WGHP
Published: 03 Oct 2018

A Surgeon to Patients: Stop Believing These 5 Breast Cancer Surgery Myths

After learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions, such as confusion, worry, and fear, to name a few. This mixed bag of thoughts can make it easy to believe all the rumors ...

Source: CBS News 8
Published: 03 Oct 2018

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options: Here’s What 5 Women Chose to Do

Women have many options and factors to consider after they have surgery for breast cancer. Getty Images About 266,120 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Only about 23 percent of women understand all their breast ...

Source: Healthline
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Breast and Chest Buddy helps after surgery

‘I can’t tell you how happy it makes me,’ Maria Jiunta Heck said, referring to the thousands of people who have been able to travel in a car with more comfort after their surgeries, thanks to her invention, the Breast and Chest Buddy. - Aimee Dilger ...

Source: The Times Leader
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Artist’s incredibly realistic, 3D-like tattoos are helping breast cancer survivors feel like themselves after surgery

After mastectomy surgery for breast cancer, most women no longer have nipples and areolas. There are a few exceptions: Some women are candidates for nipple-sparing mastectomy in which they can keep their original nipple and areola (this is the kind of ...

Source: YAHOO!
Published: 11 Oct 2018

Breast cancer survivor shares post-surgery tattoo experience

SPOKANE, Wash. — It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one survivor said she never expected a tattoo could bring her so much closure. She is encouraging other women who have had mastectomies to do the same. KREM 2 first brought you a story back in ...

Source: WLTX
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Breast cancer patients find relief thanks to new surgery

A Westchester doctor is helping restore the lives of breast cancer patients in the area. Dr. Douglas Roth of Caremount Medical is the first in the county to offer the DIEP flap procedure.

Source: Westchester News 12
Published: 14 Oct 2018

Breast cancer survivor: Reconstructive surgery helped me ‘feel like myself’ again

RICHMOND, Va. -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but some doctors are also thinking about BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day on Oct. 17. Those types of procedures can help many ...

Source: WTVR-TV
Published: 06 Oct 2018

Upstate Plastic Surgery Hosts Breast Cancer Event

Upstate Plastic Surgery Hosts Breast Cancer Event The 7th annual Upstate Plastic Surgery patient appreciation party was a huge hit once again. The event was held at the Greenville Country Club and featured a wonderful dinner, drinks and amazing giveaways.

Source: The Greenville News
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Every Type of Breast Cancer Treatment, Explained

This includes surgery to remove cancer from the breast and lymph nodes, radiation therapy if only part of the breast is removed, and drugs to block hormones like estrogen or progesterone. Chemotherapy is sometimes needed to kill any leftover cancer cells.

Source: Prevention
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Hidden Scar After Breast Cancer Surgery

Nearly 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Many get a radical mastectomy with reconstruction. But a groundbreaking medical technique called Hidden Scar offers new hope to women in the form of minimal cutting of the breast and a better ...

Source: NBC DFW
Published: 04 Oct 2018

Hidden scar for breast cancer surgery

SAN ANTONIO (Ivanhoe Newswire) - Nearly 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Many get a radical mastectomy with reconstruction. But a groundbreaking medical technique called Hidden Scar offers new hope to women in the form of minimal ...

Source: KSAT
Published: 04 Oct 2018

Dr. Monica Rocco: What are the advances in breast cancer surgery at Mission Hope Cancer Center?

It is our top priority to provide the latest in technology and treatment options for breast cancer patients. These new technologies offer our patients greater accuracy and improved outcomes.

Source: Santa Maria Times
Published: 09 Oct 2018

I had elective breast reduction surgery at 18 and the changes were more than skin-deep

At 16 years old, I was already a J cup. I had to wear a souped-up bra made from a Lycra-like material, with two pieces of underwire and super-thick straps—but not even my fortified breastplate was enough to prevent the aches and pains that inevitably ...

Source: Well+Good
Published: 08 Oct 2018

I had breast reduction surgery at 18 and the changes were more than skin deep

What the color of your toenails says about your health The gross reason you should never pepper your food in restaurants 100-year-olds reveal what they REALLY eat to live longer Here’s what it’s like to have a preventative double mastectomy at 28 A ...

Source: Well+Good
Published: 08 Oct 2018

RFID tags revolutionizing how breast surgery is approached

Radiologist Richard Ogles, MD, points to what looks like a large grain of rice visible on a mammogram of a patient with early stage breast cancer. "This," he says emphatically, "is completely changing the way we approach targeting and treating this type of ...

Source: Southeast Missourian
Published: 06 Oct 2018

Breast cancer tests and surgery available on the local level

Over the past decade, the number of breast cancer surgeries performed in Pennsylvania have stayed relatively consistent. That’s the word from the PA Health Care Cost Containment Council which provided statistics on breast cancer and surgery between 2008 ...

Source: Bradford Era
Published: 13 Oct 2018