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The Results of Your Genetic Test Are Reassuring. But That Can Change.

“The system is completely chaotic,” said Dr. Sharon E. Plon, a clinical geneticist at Baylor College of Medicine. There is no systematic way, she said, to tell patients and doctors that a mutation once thought harmless has been shown to be a health ...

Source: The New York Times
Published: 16 Oct 2018

ACMG Applauds Increase in Funding for Newborn Screening and Medical Genetics Workforce Study in FY 2019 LHHS Appropriations

BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 28, 2018, the President signed the Department of Defense and Labor (DOD), Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS) Appropriations Act of 2019, an appropriations bill that provides FY2019 ...

Source: The Business Journals
Published: 16 Oct 2018

Genetics allows personalized disease predictions for chronic blood cancers

The study from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, the University of Cambridge, and their collaborators, combined extensive genetic and clinical ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Fabric Genomics Announces Early Access to ‘Build 38’ for Improved Clinical Genome Analysis

for their clinical genetic testing efforts. Technically known as GRCh38, this reference build has many advantages over previous iterations. Build 38 was released by the Human Genome Consortiumto succeed Build 37, which had been the standard human reference ...

Source: MarketWatch
Published: 11 Oct 2018

Medical Discovery News: Genetic testing offers information about heredity disease

I am always searching for something unique to give to family and friends for Christmas. One year, it was maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels, and another year was a sample set of different mustards from the National Mustard Museum. This year I decided to ...

Source: Abilene Reporter-News
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Researchers use brain cells in a dish to study genetic origins of schizophrenia

"As large-scale genetic studies of psychiatric disorders will continue ... international journal publishes both basic and clinical contributions from all disciplines and research areas relevant to the pathophysiology and treatment of major psychiatric ...

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 16 Oct 2018

Vast majority of dementia cases may arise from spontaneous genetic errors

Mitochondrial Biology Unit and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge hypothesised that clusters of brain cells containing spontaneous genetic errors could lead to the production of misfolded proteins with the potential to ...

Source: News Medical
Published: 15 Oct 2018

FDA Finalizes Guidance on Targeted Therapies in Rare Genetic Subsets

The focus of the guidance is to provide sponsors of targeted therapies with recommendations on grouping patients with different molecular alterations in clinical trials and advice on evaluating the benefits and risks of targeted therapies in diseases with ...

Source: RAPS
Published: 15 Oct 2018

Eisai To Present New Research On Human Genetics And Drug Discovery At ASHG Conference 2018

"The new Eisai Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discovery will ... and develop innovative therapies to help address unmet medical needs.

Source: Markets Insider
Published: 16 Oct 2018

First genetic risk factor found for erectile dysfunction

The existence of these genetic banks finally made this research possible, said Wessells, who has been studying this topic for 15 years. An actual clinical treatment for erectile dysfunction, based on these findings, is yesars in the future. The next step ...

Source: ScienceBlog
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Researchers discover genetic risk for erectile dysfunction

Genetics are also suspected as a factor in about one-third of erectile dysfunction cases, but researchers have failed to make a connection with any specific genomic locations until now.

Source: MultiBriefs Exclusive
Published: 16 Oct 2018

Drug Combination for Rare Genetic Nerve Disorder Nails Phase III

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is a group of rare genetic conditions affecting roughly one in 3,800 ... Pharnext also aims to launch two clinical trials for another drug formulation in 2019, a Phase IIb in Alzheimer’s and a Phase IIa in amyotrophic lateral ...

Source: the Top 10
Published: 16 Oct 2018

UK Biobank genetics of brain structure and description of largest human genetic study

These genetic data are available from UK Biobank, for use in new medical research all around the world. Indeed, hundreds of research projects are already under way or have reported new findings on a wide range of illnesses including cancer, heart disease ...

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 10 Oct 2018

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? Your Genetics Could Play a Role.

Researchers from health insurance and medical care company Kaiser Permanente studied the ... Although researchers have long suspected that erectile dysfunction may be partially caused by genetics, this study pinpoints the exact location, or locus, that ...

Source: Men's Health
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Dr. Tasian on Genetic Testing in Pediatric ALL

or what clinical trial to enroll the patient in. Sarah K. Tasian, MD, an attending physician and assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Oncology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses genetic testing in pediatric acute ...

Published: 09 Oct 2018

Shining a Light on Diagnosis for Rare Genetic Disease Patients

Genetic testing can play an important role in confirming a ... Sandra D.K. et al. Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism , Volume 29 , Issue 2 , 145 - 157 "The Lantern Project will help more patients access testing while also raising ...

Source: The Business Journals
Published: 15 Oct 2018

Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction Identified

By analyzing medical records and DNA samples from 36,649 men in the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank’s Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging (GERA) cohort, the researchers identified a genomic region, or “locus,” associated with ED ...

Source: HealthCanal
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Genetic risk factors might be putting children at higher risk for obesity

a 25-year-old UF fourth-year medical science Ph.D. student who worked on the research. UF researchers found that children with the two genetic risk factors, which are variations in DNA, ate 20 percent more calories and sugar, Lee said. Only 3.6 percent of ...

Source: Independent Florida Alligator
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Lower costs for genetic analysis enabling new research

Human understanding of genomics is evolving rapidly, as the cost of analyzing DNA falls and the global pool of genetic data grows ... an associate professor and researcher at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. He spoke yesterday at the ...

Source: Wis Business
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Researchers Identify Genetic Risk Factor for Erectile Dysfunction

The team conducted a genome-wide association study using two groups: The first consisted of 36,648 men from the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging; the GERA cohort included male members of Kaiser Permanente who had a clinical diagnosis ...

Published: 09 Oct 2018

Freezing genetic material of fish may lead to new medical discoveries

Scientists at the LSU AgCenter Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center are known for research to cryogenically preserve the genetics of zebrafish, and that research is evolving into engineering techniques to make the genetics more accessible to the ...

Source: Magnolia Reporter
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Genetics Research LLC Granted Patent for Novel CRISPR-Associated Method for Nucleic Acid Enrichment

“I am confident that the proprietary technology we have developed at Genetics Research represents the next generation of target enrichment technologies and will have a significant impact on the research and clinical space.” The USPTO granted patent ...

Source: Argus-Press
Published: 09 Oct 2018

Genetic Research Is Constantly Evolving To The Point That Your Personalized DNA Results Could Be No Longer Valid

The New York Times: The Results Of Your Genetic Test Are Reassuring. But That Can Change. The results of a genetic test may seem final — after all, a gene mutation is present or it is not.

Source: Kaiser Health News
Published: 16 Oct 2018

Improving Individual Health: From Genetic Code to ZIP Code

Residential, economic, and geographic data may be more important than how often a patient visits a doctor as a determinant of overall health. When it comes to influences on personal health, communities count, says Dr. Garth Graham, president of the Aetna ...

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Published: 11 Oct 2018

Cancer Genetics Offers Oncomine Comprehensive Assay to Drive Clinical Trials

September 20, 2018 08:30 ET | Source: Cancer Genetics, Inc. RUTHERFORD, N.J., Sept. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CGIX), a leader in enabling precision medicine for immuno-oncology and genomics through molecular markers and ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 20 Sep 2018

NewLink Genetics Announces Clinical Plan, Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results and Revises Cash Guidance

AMES, Iowa, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NewLink Genetics Corporation (NLNK) today announced its clinical plan and strategy, reported consolidated financial results for the second quarter of 2018, and revised its cash guidance. Update on Clinical ...

Source: Yahoo Finance
Published: 31 Jul 2018

Saudi Society for Medical Genetics approves 12 recommendations to combat diseases

RIYADH: Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) concluded its conference in Riyadh by approving 12 recommendations aimed at fighting genetic diseases, the Saudi Press Agency reported Monday. More than 130 pediatricians, geneticists, genetic researchers ...

Source: Arab News
Published: 21 May 2018

How Genetic Testing Saved My Life from Debilitating Clinical Depression

She is working on a book about her experiences as a person with clinical depression in our country’s mental health system. Visit her website for more information on her story and genetic testing:

Source: Psych Central
Published: 27 Jan 2018