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Dr. Edson Albuquerque, University of Maryland epidemiology and public health professor, dies

Dr. Edson Albuquerque, a University of Maryland epidemiology and public health professor and scientist, died of an embolism July 22 at the age of 82. (Handout) Dr. Edson Albuquerque, a University of Maryland epidemiology and public health professor and ...

Source: The Baltimore Sun
Published: 05 Aug 2018

Wastewater Epidemiology: Real-time Public Health Research

Every day, more than 30 billion gallons of wastewater passes through treatment plants in the United States. While all of that urine, feces, and other waste might seem like something you want to steer clear of–some people are jumping at the chance to get ...

Source: Medium
Published: 29 Dec 2017

School of Public Health graduate named chair of Department of Epidemiology

Cora E. Lewis, M.D., MSPH, has been named the new chair of the Department of Epidemiology for the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Public Health. Prior to joining the School of Public Health, Lewis served as a professor in the Division of ...

Source: UAB
Published: 20 Apr 2018

Public health surveillance

Public health surveillance is the continuous ... and monitor and clarify the epidemiology of health problems, to allow priorities to be set and to inform public health policy and strategies.

Source: World Health Organization
Published: 21 Mar 2018

EPID600, Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health

“I wanted to take some time out today, on the occasion of the final case study due date, to thank you both personally for the experience I've had over the past few months. Even though this was my fourth of five courses in the Core Public Health Concepts ...

Source: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Published: 27 Apr 2017

A new resource that could change community and public health: Rochester Epidemiology Project's Data Exploration Portal

After celebrating its 50th anniversary in May 2016, the Rochester Epidemiology Project team is not stopping to rest. Instead, they are marking the beginning of the next 50 years with the launch of a tool that could change community and public health in the ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 18 May 2017

Increasing Chronic Disease Epidemiology Capacity Without Increasing Workforce: A Success Story in Ohio

To improve epidemiology support across categorical programs, the Division of Prevention at the Ohio Department of Health initiated a new policy early in 2003 whereby each program epidemiologist is responsible for learning to analyze data from at least two ...

Source: LWW Journals
Published: 01 Apr 2017

A systematic review of data mining and machine learning for air pollution epidemiology

Data measuring airborne pollutants, public health and environmental ... field of research within Environmental Health aimed at the adoption of data mining methods to analyze modern, big datasets in air pollution epidemiology inefficient and effective ...

Published: 28 Nov 2017

A bibliometric analysis in the fields of preventive medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, epidemiology, and public health

In the current investigation, we sought to identify and quantify the research production of different world regions in the fields of Preventive Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health around the world. The ...

Published: 04 Apr 2006

Central America Field Epidemiology Training Program (CA FETP): a pathway to sustainable public health capacity development

This article describes the Central America Field Epidemiology Training Program (CA FETP), a public health capacity building training programme aimed at developing high-caliber field epidemiologists at various levels of the public health system. The ...

Source: World Health Organization
Published: 25 Feb 2014

Opportunity Knocks: The Electronic (Public Health) Medical Record

Correspondence: Richard Platt, Harvard Medical School, Department of Amulatory Care and Prevention at Pilgrim Health Care, Boston MA 02215. E-mail: Electronic medical records may be the greatest public health innovation of our time.

Source: LWW Journals
Published: 02 Jun 2009