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Use of a Smartphone App To Assess Neonatal Jaundice

In resource-poor countries, kernicterus continues to be a major and underappreciated source of neonatal morbidity and mortality ... Taylor, MD, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington, Box 354920, Seattle, WA 98115. E-mail: uncjat{at}

Published: 25 Aug 2017

UF Health, Sacred Heart partner on pediatric and neonatal critical care transport

UF Health, Sacred Heart partner on pediatric and neonatal critical care transport Starting in October, ShandsCair ground and air fleets will support Sacred Heart Health System in northwest Florida. Check out this story on ...

Source: Pensacola News Journal
Published: 19 Aug 2017

University of Florida Health, Sacred Heart partner on neonatal, pediatric transportation initiative

Pensacola, Fla.-based Sacred Heart Health System and UF Health ShandsCair, the critical transport system for the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, partnered to provide ground and air transportation to Sacred Heart patients ...

Source: Becker's Hospital Review
Published: 21 Aug 2017

No decrease observed in oxygen therapy use for preterm infants

Doyle, MD, from the department of neonatal services at the Royal Women’s Hospital, and colleagues wrote. “Although assisted ventilation has become less invasive during the past 25 years, it is unclear whether assisted ventilation has been associated ...

Source: Healio
Published: 17 Aug 2017

Most parents don't do this one thing that will prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

In a Pediatrics-published commentary on the study, neonatology specialist Michael Goodstein and SIDS Center of New Jersey program director Barbara Ostfeld write: “The study reveals we have made little progress in terms of promoting the supine [back ...

Published: 21 Aug 2017

Maternal Psychotropic, Opioid Use Boosts Risk of Neonatal Drug Withdrawal

HealthDay News — Use of psychotropic medications in addition to prescription opioids during pregnancy is associated with increased risk and severity of neonatal drug withdrawal, according to a study published in The BMJ. Krista F. Huybrechts, PhD ...

Published: 24 Aug 2017

Axillary thermometry is the best choice for newborns

Rectal thermometry was accurate but less reliable, and temporal thermometry was reliable but less accurate. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rectal thermometers as the gold standard for children under 3 years old, but axillary thermometers are ...

Source: Clinical Endocrinology News
Published: 24 Aug 2017

Abeona Therapeutics - String Of Pearls Strategy With Numerous Catalysts And A Lot Of Upside

The cells are originally derived from donated human neonatal male foreskin tissue ... in Patients with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Costly Necessity; Pediatric Dermatology Vol. 31 No. 1 33 -37, 2013) (Evaluation of Wound Care Options ...

Source: Seeking Alpha
Published: 22 Aug 2017

New professors offer a rich array of experiences, scholarship

Infants born to poor mothers in many parts of the world are born at home, and without adequate access to health care, leading to deaths from prematurity or untreated neonatal/infant ... Acting professor and director of pediatric oncology Selected ...

Source: Emory News Center
Published: 24 Aug 2017

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Published: 27 Aug 2017

Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery

Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery is a broad field with many challenges. The aim of this short book is to provide the reader with several informative chapters in the field of neonatal and pediatric surgery. Each chapter provides details on a specific area of ...

Published: 03 May 2017

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Published: 27 Aug 2017


When CDC researchers published statistics showing a four-fold increase in the incidence of accidental strangulation and suffocation in bed (ASSB) in infants between 1984 and 2004, the finding raised concerns for pediatric clinicians (Shapiro-Mendoza, et al ...

Source: Nursing Advance Web
Published: 10 Jul 2009

Neonatal abstinence syndrome

Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2007;46(7):639-645. 3. Kocherlakota P. Neonatal abstinence syndrome. Pediatrics. 2014;134(2):e547-e561. 4. Bio LL, Siu A, Poon CY. Update on the pharmacologic management of neonatal abstinence syndrome. J Perinatol. 2011;31(11):692-701.

Source: Contemporary Pediatrics
Published: 01 Jan 2015

Does Female Genital Mutilation Have Health Benefits? The Problem with Medicalizing Morality

For reasons I will get into later, it is not actually implausible that certain “mild” forms of FGC, such as neonatal labiaplasty ... Alarmingly, one place we might start operating is the pediatric vulva. Compared to the penis, the external female ...

Published: 16 Aug 2017

Impact of premedication on neonatal intubations by pediatric and neonatal trainees

1 Division of Perinatal-Neonatal Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA 2 Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, Columbia University College of ...

Source: Nature
Published: 27 Feb 2014

EMS Neonatal/Pediatric

The EMS1 Neonatal/Pediatric product category is a collection of products and information for researching EMS pediatric equipment. It covers a variety of patient handling, CPR, training equipment, and other tools for the needs of pediatric and neonatal ...

Source: EMS1
Published: 29 Mar 2014

Diagnostic Errors in the Pediatric and Neonatal ICU

Objective Diagnostic errors lead to preventable hospital morbidity and mortality. ICU patients may be at particularly high risk for misdiagnosis. Little is known about misdiagnosis in pediatrics, including PICU and neonatal ICU. We sought to assess ...

Source: Medscape News
Published: 16 Aug 2017

Winter 2015 Neonatal-Pediatrics Bulletin

Although this edition is coming out well past the holiday season I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! In this edition we decided to provide a summary of the AARC Congress experience from the view of the neo ...

Published: 11 Dec 2014

Q&A/Ask the Expert: Neonatal Therapy: An Emerging Practice Area

Is a Neonatal Therapy model similar to pediatric rehabilitation model of treatment? No, the model for practice in a NICU is not rehabilitative as seen in the pediatric setting. A traditional rehabilitation model of therapy is based on developmental ...

Published: 24 Mar 2011

Knowledge and Care related to Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) in Pediatrics and Neonatology Nursing: an Integrative Review

Knowledge and Care related to Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) in Pediatrics and Neonatology Nursing: an Integrative Review Michelle Darezzo Rodrigues Nunes, Gabriela Rodrigues Ferreira, Fernanda Machado Silva-Rodrigues, Benedita Maria Rêgo ...

Published: 23 Jun 2017

KHMH gets new Pediatric & Neonatal Ward

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Oct. 27, 2015–The Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the latest addition to the Karl Heusner Memorial, and inaugural ceremonies for the facility were held today. Speeches that noted the significance of the occasion were ...

Source: Amandala
Published: 30 Oct 2015

MAQUET Cardiovascular Launches the QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric Oxygenators and Reservoirs in United States

WAYNE, N.J., April 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MAQUET Cardiovascular today announced the launch of its QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs in the United States. Oxygenators are an integral part of a cardiopulmonary bypass system and ...

Published: 26 Apr 2011

Association of Neonatal Glycemia With Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 4.5 Years

1 Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 2 Department of Paediatrics, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 3 School of Optometry and Vision Science, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand 4 School of ...

Source: The JAMA Network
Published: 07 Aug 2017

What is Pediatric Neonatology?

Neonatal pertains to the newborn baby, generally considered to be the first four weeks after birth. Pediatric Neonatology is a specialized field of medicine that pertains to that period of a newborn's life. Such medical attention is usually necessary when ...

Published: 20 Aug 2017

Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery

The aim of this short book is to provide the reader with several informative chapters in the field of neonatal and pediatric surgery. The scope of this book focuses on a few areas that are rare and challenging. Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery is a broad ...

Published: 12 Jul 2017


PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL RESPIRATORY CARE is a specialty that has developed increased recognition in medicine. Respiratory Therapists focusing in these areas have helped develop innovations in patient care including high frequency ventilation, surfactant ...

Published: 17 Jun 2008

Abc Pediatrics & Neonatal Services - Elk Grove Village - Illinois

ABC Pediatrics and Neonatal Services - Elk Grove Village, IL ... ABC Pediatrics and Neonatal Services, a Medical Group Practice located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, (IL) ABC Pediatrics & Neonatal Services - Health - Bloomingdale ... Featured Blog ...

Published: 08 Aug 2017

Pediatric Neonatology

Having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an emotional rollercoaster for any parent. But having a team of pediatric neonatology specialists who provide cutting-edge technology with sensitive, healing hands, can help a parent get through ...

Published: 21 Aug 2017