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Too much, too little sleep associated with metabolic syndrome

Kim, from Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, and colleagues wrote. Kim and colleagues conducted a cross-sectional study to determine how sleep duration affects metabolic syndrome among adults aged 40 to 69 years (n = 133,608; 44,930 men).

Source: Healio
Published: 02 Aug 2018

Ask the doctors: Metabolic syndrome more prevalent among older adutls

A: Metabolic syndrome refers to a collection of largely preventable ... Dr. Eve Glazier, MBA, is an internist and assistant professor of medicine at UCLA Health. Dr. Elizabeth Ko is an internist and primary care physician at UCLA Health.

Source: The Pantagraph
Published: 11 Aug 2018

Allena Creates Oral Biologics To Treat Metabolic and Kidney Disorders

Patients with the metabolic disorder hyperoxaluria have extremely high ... These stones can be a painful reminder to patients that they need to take their medicine. That desire to prevent kidney stones, which can also cause kidney damage, should be a ...

Source: Clinical Leader
Published: 10 Aug 2018

Study suggests cancer to be a metabolic disorder rather than genetic disease

The new study finds that cancer is a metabolic disorder which challenges decades of genomic research. "This suggests that cancer is not a genetic disease arising solely from mutations as we have all been taught, but instead a metabolic condition that ...

Source: News Medical
Published: 07 Aug 2018

Low birth weight ups metabolic syndrome risk in adulthood, study finds

A study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that 13% of adults who were born preterm with very low birth weights had metabolic syndrome, compared with 10% of those born at full term but small for gestational age and 7% of controls.

Source: SmartBrief
Published: 13 Aug 2018

Exercise Pathway That Regulates Muscle Remodeling May Have Implications for Metabolic Diseases

The protein, c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) is known to be a key regulator of cellular stress and has been associated with inflammatory responses, as well as metabolic diseases such as diabetes. The new findings, reported by a team headed by Sarah Lessard ...

Source: GEN
Published: 02 Aug 2018

New Study Finds Cancer Is Metabolic Disorder Challenging Decades of Genomic Research

The new study finds that cancer is a metabolic disorder which challenges decades of genomic research. View the article here. “This suggests that cancer is not a genetic disease arising solely from mutations as we have all been taught, but instead a ...

Source: MarketWatch
Published: 06 Aug 2018

Newborn screening for 50 metabolic disorders re-launched

BAMBOLIM: Health Minister Vishwajit Rane on Monday re-launched the newborn screening programme under which babies born at government-run hospitals will be screened for up to 50 metabolic disorders. The scheme was launched under the Central government’s ...

Source: Herald
Published: 06 Aug 2018

Frontiers in Metabolism meeting focuses on mechanisms of metabolic diseases

A new scientific meeting hosted by the Morgridge Institute for Research will focus on the underlying mechanisms of metabolic diseases and innovations in the tools used to study them. The Frontiers in Metabolism - Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases meeting ...

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 01 Aug 2018

Metabolic weight loss program features a customized plan and impressive results without surgery

The program combines a metabolic health profile and diet system with a body contouring treatment called Contour Light, for fast, effective weight loss. Georgette Rehfield, a client of West Coast Weight Loss, has lost 40 pounds so far. She shares her ...

Source: KING5
Published: 27 Jun 2018

Data on Metabolic Syndrome Discussed by Researchers at University of Ulsan College of Medicine [Trends in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and…

Data on Metabolic Syndrome Discussed by Researchers at University of Ulsan College of Medicine [Trends in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components in South Korea: Findings from the Korean National Health Insurance Service Database ..

Published: 06 Apr 2018

Scientists Find Molecular Link between Anxiety and Metabolic Disorders

Chanan Meydan et al. 2016. MicroRNA Regulators of Anxiety and Metabolic Disorders. Trends in Molecular Medicine 22 (9): 798-812; doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2016.07.001

Source: Sci-News
Published: 12 Oct 2016

UAB Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery program achieves national accreditation

Richard Stahl, M.D., Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery director at UAB Hospital ... which is housed in the Department of Surgery in UAB’s School of Medicine. “We seek continuous improvement to enhance the structure, process and outcomes for our patients.”

Source: UAB
Published: 06 Jul 2016

Celgene CEO: Precision medicine targeting metabolic drive...

Mark Alles, Celgene CEO, talks about gaining FDA approval for a drug that targets a lethal form of leukemia and discusses the importance of getting patients access to precision medicines.

Source: Yahoo Finance
Published: 03 Aug 2017

Metabolic regulation of immunity: Exploring programs that drive immune development and function

This webinar is brought to you by the Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office According to conventional thinking, metabolic changes related to disease ... starting his clinical education in internal medicine and clinical immunology in Basel and at Imperial ...

Source: Science
Published: 25 Jan 2017

How Pharmacogenomics Is Improving American Healthcare

The metabolic rate can range from "poor" to "ultra rapid", and ... But there's also a significant opportunity for individuals -- as personalized medicine becomes more increasingly popular -- to really take on that responsibility with themselves.

Source: The Motley Fool
Published: 10 Aug 2018

Metabolic Medical Institute Concludes Successful Integrative Medicine Education Event in Miami, FL

MIAMI, Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical professionals from all over the nation gathered at The Fontainebleau Hotel this weekend for The Metabolic Medical Institute's (MMI) Integrative and Metabolic Medicine Courses. The event offered an ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 05 Nov 2014

Obesity in young women may set the stage for heart complications during and after pregnancy

The Dean of the Texas Tech Sciences Center in Permian Basin, Texas Tech Advisory Council, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Internal medicine and Texas Tech Clinical Research Institute funded the research. Statements and conclusions of ...

Source: HealthCanal
Published: 02 Aug 2018

Metabolic biomarkers for preventive molecular medicine

A team of scientists from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, led by its director, María Blasco, together with Jose M. Mato, the director of the Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences, has shown that the metabolic profile of an organism ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 04 Dec 2012

Grip strength of children gives clues about their future health

Researchers also screened for and analyzed other metabolic risk factor indicators ... Peterson, Ph.D., assistant professor, University of Michigan Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Baylor graduate Sonja Smeding ...

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 13 Aug 2018

Metabolic Medical Institute Hosts Medical Students at its Live Integrative Medicine Event

BOCA RATON, FL, Nov. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) was pleased to host several local medical students at its Live Integrative and Metabolic Medicine Courses in Miami, FL on October 31, 2014. These courses are part of an ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 18 Nov 2014

Louisiana Tech lecture series to host expert in metabolic, molecular medicine

RUSTON, La (Louisiana Tech Release) - Dr. Joseph Bass, the Charles F. Kettering Professor of Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine and chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Molecular Medicine at Northwestern University, will visit ...

Source: 8
Published: 22 Mar 2016

Plant used in traditonal Chinese medicine may treat metabolic diseases and obesity

New research published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, shows that a component found in in the plant, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, may inhibit the development of metabolic disorders by stopping the activation of NLRP3, a protein ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 01 Dec 2014

Dietary Fiber Intake Protects against Diet-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Consumption of fermentable fiber can prevent obesity, metabolic syndrome and adverse changes ... Fiber-Mediated Nourishment of Gut Microbiota Protects against Diet-Induced Obesity by Restoring IL-22-Mediated Colonic Health. Cell Host & Microbe 23 (1 ...

Source: Sci-News
Published: 23 Jan 2018

Brookfield Doctor Earns Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine Degree

Dr. John Whitcomb, director of the Brookfield Longevity and Healthy Living Clinic, 17585 W. North Ave., Brookfield, is the first Wisconsin physician to receive a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine from the University of South Florida ...

Source: USA Patch
Published: 30 Apr 2013

Salih J. Wakil, Ph.D., Of Baylor College Of Medicine, Wins Bristol-Myers Squibb Metabolic Research Award

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Salih J. Wakil, Ph.D., L.T. Bolin Professor and chairman of the Verna and Marrs McLean Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, has been selected to receive the sixth annual ...

Source: Business Wire
Published: 20 Jun 2005

Standards of professional practice for genetic metabolic dietitians

The Standards of Professional Practice for Genetic Metabolic Dietitians were validated by means ... Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY; Fran Rohr, MS, RD, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA; Rani H. Singh, PhD, RD, Emory University, Atlanta, GA ...

Source: Nature
Published: 30 Nov 2008

Gateway to the metabolic syndrome

The authors are in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 2QR UK. A high-fat diet can lead to insulin resistance and the development of the metabolic syndrome, a condition associated ...

Source: Nature
Published: 01 Jun 2005