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Better than BMI? Obesity disease predictions improved with metabolic information, study finds

“At this time in medicine, it is not a game changer ... Researchers analyzed body and metabolic information from nearly 2,000 people in TwinsUK, a study of environmental and genetic influences on health and aging. They also tracked how the correlation ...

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Published: 11 Oct 2018

Top endocrinology stories: Type 1 diabetes vaccine explored, vitamin D may improve metabolic syndrome

Other popular stories included findings that vitamin D supplementation may improve metabolic syndrome parameters in children with obesity, the FDA approval of testosterone self-injection for hypogonadism in men, research indicating that ultra-rapid insulin ...

Source: Healio
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Largest ever diabetes genetics study uncovers mechanisms behind type 2 diabetes

Together with colleagues from a global consortium of scientists, researchers from the Radcliffe Department of Medicine and the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University analysed nearly 20 trillion data points to produce the most comprehensive ...

Source: HealthCanal
Published: 09 Oct 2018

A biotech that's developing a drug for a rare metabolic disorder is exploring going public in 2019

The red hot market for biotech IPOs may have another entrant. New York-based Applied Therapeutics, which is developing treatments for cardio-metabolic conditions, is exploring an IPO that could land in first half of next year, according to people familiar ...

Source: Business Insider
Published: 12 Oct 2018

Heart Attack Risk After Stone Procedure Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

Patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS) are at higher risk of myocardial infarction after undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), according to a new study. “Routine preoperative cardiac testing may benefit this population before PCNL ...

Source: Renal & Urology News
Published: 05 Oct 2018

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) announce official launch of Blackboard, Inc.

Boca Raton, Florida, Aug. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Metabolic Medical Institute have announced the official launch of Blackboard, Inc. An educational technology company known for Blackboard Learn, its ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 27 Aug 2018

Data on Metabolic Syndrome Discussed by Researchers at University of Ulsan College of Medicine [Trends in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and…

Data on Metabolic Syndrome Discussed by Researchers at University of Ulsan College of Medicine [Trends in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components in South Korea: Findings from the Korean National Health Insurance Service Database ..

Published: 06 Apr 2018

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes

A review of previous epidemiological studies finds a strong association between the regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda and juice and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. The World Health Organization ...

Source: Sci-News
Published: 13 Nov 2017

Equine Metabolic Issues: What Are the Differences?

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Source: TheHorse
Published: 08 Mar 2018


The GSK sponsored Harmony-Outcomes study was led by Professor Stefano Del Prato, Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa, Italy and Professor John McMurray, British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of ...

Source: HealthCanal
Published: 02 Oct 2018

UAB Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery program achieves national accreditation

Richard Stahl, M.D., Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery director at UAB Hospital ... which is housed in the Department of Surgery in UAB’s School of Medicine. “We seek continuous improvement to enhance the structure, process and outcomes for our patients.”

Source: UAB
Published: 06 Jul 2016

Celgene CEO: Precision medicine targeting metabolic drive...

Mark Alles, Celgene CEO, talks about gaining FDA approval for a drug that targets a lethal form of leukemia and discusses the importance of getting patients access to precision medicines.

Source: Yahoo Finance
Published: 03 Aug 2017

Metabolic regulation of immunity: Exploring programs that drive immune development and function

This webinar is brought to you by the Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office According to conventional thinking, metabolic changes related to disease ... starting his clinical education in internal medicine and clinical immunology in Basel and at Imperial ...

Source: Science
Published: 25 Jan 2017

Cardiovascular Fitness and the Metabolic Syndrome in Overweight Latino Youths

Purpose: To determine whether cardiovascular fitness (V̇O 2max) is associated with the metabolic syndrome and its individual ... Goran, Ph.D., Institute for Prevention Research, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, 1540 Alcazar ...

Source: LWW Journals
Published: 04 Feb 2017

Scientists Find Molecular Link between Anxiety and Metabolic Disorders

Chanan Meydan et al. 2016. MicroRNA Regulators of Anxiety and Metabolic Disorders. Trends in Molecular Medicine 22 (9): 798-812; doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2016.07.001

Source: Sci-News
Published: 12 Oct 2016

What Is Metabolome? Health Check Method Better Than BMI Developed by Scientists

Yet, however useful these measures appear to be, genome sequencing and metabolic profiling are far from being widely available, said Telenti. “However, these are new tools that will make their way into the field of predictive medicine.” The study ...

Source: Newsweek
Published: 10 Oct 2018

4 ways a shorter workweek could help you live longer

"During sleep, the brain clears out metabolic waste products accumulating ... in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2016. Specifically, workweeks that averaged 60 hours ...

Source: La Crosse Tribune
Published: 08 Oct 2018

Postmortem Metabolic Indices of Antemortem Adrenergic Stimulation.

when the metabolic response was at its peak, the animals were killed by exsanguination. Samples of the following tissues were removed immediately prior to death (0 h) and 48 h postmortem: soleus, plantaris, kidney medulla, kidney cortex, liver, and heart.

Source: LWW Journals
Published: 01 Apr 2017

Adverse Metabolic Consequences in Humans of Prolonged Sleep Restriction Combined with Circadian Disruption

Epidemiological studies link short sleep duration and circadian disruption with higher risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. We tested the hypotheses that prolonged sleep restriction with concurrent circadian disruption, as can occur in people ...

Source: Science Now
Published: 11 Apr 2012

Metabolic Medical Institute Concludes Successful Integrative Medicine Education Event in Miami, FL

MIAMI, Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical professionals from all over the nation gathered at The Fontainebleau Hotel this weekend for The Metabolic Medical Institute's (MMI) Integrative and Metabolic Medicine Courses. The event offered an ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 05 Nov 2014

International cardiometabolic conference features ‘tomorrow’s clinical science’

Scherer, a professor in the department of internal medicine at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and director of Touchstone Diabetes Center in Dallas, will deliver the keynote lecture, “The Central Role of Adipose Tissue for Metabolic ...

Source: Healio
Published: 06 Oct 2018

Metabolic biomarkers for preventive molecular medicine

A team of scientists from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, led by its director, María Blasco, together with Jose M. Mato, the director of the Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences, has shown that the metabolic profile of an organism ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 04 Dec 2012

Brookfield Doctor Earns Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine Degree

Dr. John Whitcomb, director of the Brookfield Longevity and Healthy Living Clinic, 17585 W. North Ave., Brookfield, is the first Wisconsin physician to receive a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine from the University of South Florida ...

Source: USA Patch
Published: 30 Apr 2013

Plant used in traditonal Chinese medicine may treat metabolic diseases and obesity

New research published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, shows that a component found in in the plant, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, may inhibit the development of metabolic disorders by stopping the activation of NLRP3, a protein ...

Source: Medical Xpress
Published: 01 Dec 2014

Use of Metabolic Markers To Identify Overweight Individuals Who Are Insulin Resistant

Requests for Single Reprints: Gerald Reaven, MD, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Falk Cardiovascular Research ... Objective: To evaluate the ability of metabolic markers associated with insulin resistance and increased risk for cardiovascular disease ...

Published: 18 Nov 2003

Salih J. Wakil, Ph.D., Of Baylor College Of Medicine, Wins Bristol-Myers Squibb Metabolic Research Award

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Salih J. Wakil, Ph.D., L.T. Bolin Professor and chairman of the Verna and Marrs McLean Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, has been selected to receive the sixth annual ...

Source: Business Wire
Published: 20 Jun 2005

Study of Diabetes Calls for Paradigm Shift to Patient-Centered Care for Type 2 Diabetes

The panel also recommends metabolic surgery for adults with type 2 diabetes and ... Buse, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and Melanie J. Davies, MC ChB, MD, University of Leicester, UK; and additional authors David D’Alessio ...

Source: Imperial Valley News
Published: 10 Oct 2018

Weight and Metabolic Outcomes After 2 Years on a Low-Carbohydrate Versus Low-Fat Diet: A Randomized Trial

Dr. Makris: 45 Morning Glory Way, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Ms. Rosenbaum: Department of Psychology, Washington University School of Medicine, 212 Stadler Hall, St. Louis, MO 63121. Drs. Stein, Mohammed, and Miller: Division of Geriatrics and ...

Published: 03 Aug 2010

Metabolic disorder found treatable, researcher says

People with a class of rare genetic disorders that often lead to brain damage, coma and death can be successfully treated with drugs, says a researcher at the School of Medicine and Lucile ... and sodium benzoate. Metabolic disease expert Saul Brusilow ...

Published: 05 Jun 2007