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40 ways to slash your risk of osteoporosis

The osteoporosis definition is a significant loss of bone mineral, and the primary bone mineral at stake is calcium, says Jonathan Lee, MD, attending physician, Orthopedics, Montefiore Health System. 'Approximately 99.5 percent of the body's calcium supply ...

Source: Reader's Digest
Published: 12 Dec 2018

Osteoporosis screening guidelines fail to identify fracture risk in younger postmenopausal women

The National Osteoporosis Foundation uses the Fracture ... a subset of postmenopausal women participating in the Women’s Health Initiative study who also participated in the WHI Bone Density Substudy (n = 117,707). Participants underwent hip and ...

Source: Healio
Published: 12 Dec 2018

Younger Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer More Bone Loss From Treatment

TUESDAY, Dec. 11, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Younger breast cancer survivors are at increased risk for osteoporosis -- weak ... "There seems to be an effect of cancer treatment on bone health that works independently of menopause -- perhaps by directly ...

Source: U.S. News & World Report
Published: 11 Dec 2018

Osteoporosis: Not Just a Woman's Disease

Osteoporosis, a bone disease that can result in painful ... “Studying the relation of AGEs to bone health is novel among humans,” says Tucker, who also leads the Center for Population Health. “We expect that the research results will provide insight ...

Source: UMass Lowell
Published: 06 Dec 2018

Bone Health in Prostate Cancer

Bone health is going to become increasingly important in metastatic ... You don’t need to give zoledronate once a year to stop osteoporosis—it’s twice a year; there are 2 separate indications for these. The osteoporotic indication, and that comes ...

Published: 11 Dec 2018

7 Things No One Tells You About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass leading to ... Parathyroid hormone and thyroid levels can also impact bone health. "Hyperparathyroidism is amazingly common, and the surgery to remove the overactive gland is usually quite successful," says ...

Source: Prevention
Published: 12 Dec 2018

Global Bone & Joint Health Ingredients Market Outlook to 2023 - Robust Demand from the Geriatric Population

In 2017, it has been estimated that more than 200 million people were suffering from osteoporosis. These alarming figures have given significant momentum to the bone and joint health ingredient ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 07 Dec 2018

Why Hunter-Gatherers Had Stronger Bones and How We Can Get Them

This increases the risk of osteoporosis and fracture ... lifestyle habits unfavorable to bone health and strength are a large part of the problem.

Source: Epoch Times
Published: 03 Dec 2018

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market To Ascend Pervasively By 2022, Registering more than$10,855 Revenue; Asserts MRFR

drug induced osteoporosis, alcoholism and smoking, increased awareness and focus towards female health, rising prevalence of diseases, conditions and medical procedures that may cause bone loss such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, thalassemia, hormonal ...

Source: Digital Journal
Published: 12 Dec 2018

Beyond BMD: Measures of Bone Microstructure Predict Fracture Risk

Key deficits in bone microarchitecture of trabecular and cortical ... thereby improving risk stratification and reducing the public health burden of osteoporosis," they conclude. The study was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Source: Medscape
Published: 04 Dec 2018

Bone Cancer vs. Bone Tumor

bone and soft tissue sarcomas (primary musculoskeletal cancers), pathologic fractures, which may result as a side effect from various cancers, Paget’s disease or osteoporosis. Atlantic Health System recently launched its orthopedic oncology program for ...

Source: NJBIZ
Published: 01 Dec 2018

BIDMC Research & Health News Digest: November 2018

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone density. Many ... OpenNotes is a call to action committed to improving health care by offering patients the opportunity to read notes written ...

Source: Newswise
Published: 30 Nov 2018

7 Life Changing Health Benefits of CBD for Seniors

CBD creates a compelling case for health care professionals and senior caregivers. As our bodies naturally age, we endure a condition known as Osteoporosis. During Osteoporosis, our bones ...

Source: Medium
Published: 07 Dec 2018

CRPC: Preventing Complications With Bone-Targeted Agents

Evan Yu, MD: Bone health is very important for patients with prostate cancer ... and if they have osteopenia or osteoporosis, start them on 60 mg of denosumab every 6 months to prevent osteoporotic fractures. That is a common practice that I do.

Published: 06 Dec 2018

Should Women Take Calcium Supplements to Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis affects 24.5 percent of women over the age ... Health organizations like American Bone Health, the NOF, and the National Institutes of Health all agree: Calcium intake should be met primarily from real foods, not supplements.

Source: NBC2 News
Published: 28 Nov 2018

Nutrition: How to boost your bone health

November is osteoporosis month and dietitian Diana Steele explains how you can increase you calcium and vitamin D intake to boost your bone health. <iframe src="" width="670" height="372" frameborder="0 ...

Source: Global News
Published: 27 Nov 2018

Beyond bone mineral density: Additional bone traits predict risk for fracture

Loss of bone mineral density (BMD) - the condition known as osteoporosis - is one way bones can become ... PIIS2213-8587(18)30308-5/fulltext This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (National Institute of Arthritis Musculoskeletal ...

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 28 Nov 2018

Denosumab Promising for TDT-Induced Osteoporosis Treatment

"Not only is denosumab associated with improved bone health and reduced pain, but its ease of administration may very well make this drug superior to bisphosphonates for the treatment of osteoporosis in patients with TDT and osteoporosis," a coauthor said ...

Source: Monthly Prescribing Reference
Published: 13 Nov 2018

Life Line health screenings in Laconia next month

Screenings can check for levels of plaque buildup in arteries, related to risk for heart disease, stroke and overall vascular health; HDL and LDL Cholesterol levels; diabetes risk; bone density as a risk for possible osteoporosis; and kidney and thyroid ...

Source: The Laconia Daily Sun
Published: 27 Nov 2018

BLOG: Physician assistants can become involved in osteoporosis care

This alone can prompt you to ask more questions about bone health and possibly indicate the patient for a bone density test Next, personal habits can have a tremendous effect on osteoporosis and bone health. Tobacco users independent of the dose and ...

Source: Healio
Published: 28 Nov 2018

Tooth loss and osteoporosis

OSTEOPOROSIS and tooth loss are health concerns that affect many older men and women. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become less dense and therefore, more likely to fracture. This disease can affect any bone in the body, although the bones ...

Source: The Jamaica Observer
Published: 21 Oct 2018

What You Should Know About Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Each year during Bone and Joint Health National Action Week, activities are held across the country to raise awareness about prevention, disease management and treatment of disorders including arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a ...

Source: USA Patch
Published: 19 Oct 2018

World Osteoporosis Day: 10 million Americans unnecessarily suffer from the pain

The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill For many seniors otherwise in good health, a hip fracture resulting from osteoporosis, or weak bones, can dramatically change their lives. In fact, more women die in the year ...

Source: The Hill
Published: 20 Oct 2018

Not Limited By Osteoporosis

A local woman shares how she’s worked to manage her bone health after a diagnosis of osteoporosis, and what it took to get her back on adventures with her daughters. We also learn how osteoporosis can affect the body and what can be done for treatment.

Source: WGN-TV
Published: 01 Oct 2018

Bone resorption test for osteoporosis

Numerous health disorders can occur resulting in various ... Osteoporosis has become a major problem especially in the U.S. Osteoporosis has become the most common bone disorder. Over one-third of all women over 60 will have spinal compression fractures.

Source: Sterling Journal-Advocate
Published: 11 Sep 2018

Osteoporosis being under-diagnosed: report

Bone health has been put on the map following a new report into preventing and diagnosing osteoporosis. Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke and Olympic champion hurdler Sally Pearson are helping deliver the message as ambassadors after ...

Source: Yahoo7 News
Published: 18 Oct 2018

Osteoporosis — Why maintaining bone health is only one key factor to consider

Subscribe for unlimited digital access. Try one month for $1! Subscribe for unlimited digital access. Try one month for $1! Pat Surdyk broke both of her arms at once, then years later, her right arm — again — before she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times
Published: 11 Apr 2018

7 Lifestyle Choices You Will Definitely Feel in Your Bones

Weight-bearing exercise, even just walking, and strength training, are all important to bone health. Check out these scientist-approved ways to slash your osteoporosis risk. Eating too much protein can cause the kidneys to excrete more calcium which can ...

Source: Reader's Digest
Published: 01 Aug 2018