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‘I had no idea’: Calgary mom says she had a stroke after a chiropractor visit

A Calgary woman who suffered a stroke following a routine visit to the chiropractor is sharing her struggle. She says it's a decision that altered her life.

Source: Global News on
Published: 18 May 2021

Simple Surgery Reduces Stroke Risk in People with Heart Arrhythmia

Researchers say a simple surgery that removes a small appendage on the heart can reduce the risk of stroke for people with heart arrhythmia. Experts say the appendage can trap blood in the heart chamber and increase the risk of clots.

Source: Healthline
Published: 15 May 2021

Signs and symptoms of a stroke, and what to do about them

Other people have carotid artery disease and others have narrowing, or atherosclerosis, of the blood vessels of the brain itself, so any one of those can stop blood from flowing into the brain.” And while there are risk factors that elevate the potential for suffering a stroke,

Source: Military Health System
Published: 18 May 2021

For Young Stroke Survivors, A Long And Uncertain Future

A week after Shannel Pearman gave birth to her first child at 29, she had a stroke. For Pearman, and most young stroke survivors, the road to recovery is uncertain and grueling.

Source: Forbes
Published: 18 May 2021

Fishers EMS encouraging ‘FAST’ thinking for stroke awareness

May is stroke awareness month and Fishers Emergency Medical Services is reminding you that time is crucial when it comes to treatment. The CDC says nearly 800,000 people have

Source: FOX59 News
Published: 18 May 2021

‘World Thrombectomy Day’ launched to raise awareness on treatment for stroke

To raise awareness on the severe morbidity associated with stroke and its treatment, the researchers at the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) have launched dedicated annual World Stroke Thrombectomy day on May 15,

Source: The Tribune
Published: 16 May 2021

A stroke at 34 rocked her family's world

He also arranged for the care of Ivy, the family's small dog. Doctors diagnosed Lisa with bilateral vertebral artery dissection. The inner lining of both of her vertebral arteries in the neck were torn or damaged,

Source: SFGate
Published: 18 May 2021

Children are not invulnerable to stroke

Though it’s predominantly associated with adults, stroke does not discriminate based on age and can potentially affect children. The American Stroke Association notes that, while stroke is most common

Source: Williston Herlad
Published: 18 May 2021

Grant awarded to develop artificial intelligence to improve stroke screening and treatment

New artificial intelligence technology that uses a common CT angiography (CTA) as opposed to the more advanced imaging normally required to help identify patients who could benefit from endovascular stroke therapy (EST) is being developed at UTHealth.

Source: EurekAlert!
Published: 12 May 2021

Don't ignore heart attack or stroke symptoms

In a serious medical emergency, act quick. That’s long been the advice of experts who treat heart attacks and strokes, and that remains true. But we want you to feel

Source: Rome News-Tribune
Published: 17 May 2021

Research shows tissue surgery can reduce stroke risk by one-third

A team found that removing the left atrial appendage reduces stroke risk in heart patients by over one-third - changing the future for outcomes

Published: 18 May 2021

Predicting language treatment response in bilingual aphasia using neural network-based patient models

Predicting language therapy outcomes in bilinguals with aphasia (BWA) remains challenging due to the multiple pre- and poststroke factors that determine the deficits and recovery of their two languages.

Source: Nature
Published: 18 May 2021

Working Long Hours Kills 745,000 People Every Year, Says WHO Study

Do you work more than 55 hours a week? Then you should consider your job a serious health hazard. Working long hours kills around 745,000 people each year,

Source: IFLScience
Published: 18 May 2021

CycleNation promotes awareness to prevent heart disease and stroke

Madison cycling event that helps raise money and awareness to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke is going virtual this year.

Source: WKOW
Published: 18 May 2021

Surgical Snip Might Prevent Stroke in People With A-fib

A simple surgery may help lower the risk for strokes by more than a third in patients with atrial fibrillation, a common irregular heartbeat, a new trial finds. The reduction in stroke risk is achieved by blocking the left atrial appendage,

Source: U.S. News & World Report
Published: 17 May 2021

Multinational Patient Study Demonstrates Prevencio’s AI-driven HART Blood Test Highly Accurate for Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, and Cardiac Death

Prevencio, Inc. announces the presentation of data demonstrating HART blood test highly accurate for risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiac death.

Source: Yahoo
Published: 18 May 2021

Health Fusion: Link between adolescent obesity and stroke

In this episode of the NewsMD podcast, "Health Fusion," Viv Williams looks into a study that links obesity in adolescence to an increased risk of having a stroke before the age of 50.

Source: Duluth News Tribune
Published: 18 May 2021

Thrombectomy Stroke Treatment Reversing Paralysis and Preventing Death Gets Its Global Day

Mission Thrombectomy 2020+ Initiative (MT2020+) will announce the first annual World Stroke Thrombectomy Day at the

Source: Marietta Daily Journal
Published: 10 May 2021

Study: CPAP machine cuts heart attack, stroke risk in some apnea patients

Using a CPAP machine could cut the risk for heart attack and stroke, even among those with non-sleepy obstructive sleep apnea, according to a study presented during the American Thoracic Society conference.

Published: 17 May 2021

AHA News: A Stroke at 34 Rocked Her Family's World

He also arranged for the care of Ivy, the family's small dog. Doctors diagnosed Lisa with bilateral vertebral artery dissection. The inner lining of both of her vertebral arteries in the neck were torn or damaged,

Source: U.S. News & World Report
Published: 18 May 2021

Study: Simple surgical procedure reduces stroke risk in people with AFib

A simple surgical procedure can spare people with irregular heartbeats from potentially deadly strokes, according to research presented Friday during the American College of Cardiology international conference.

Published: 17 May 2021

Stroke Survivor: ‘I should’ve been paying more attention’

With strokes among young people on the rise, one Ohio stroke survivor is urging the public to proactively take care of their bodies. “I should’ve been paying more

Source: WDTN
Published: 18 May 2021

FDA Responds to Creative Medical Technology Holdings Regarding Its ImmCelz® IND for Stroke Treatment

Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc., trading under ticker symbol CELZ, announced today receipt of detailed correspondence from the FDA regarding necessary modifications to IND #27375 for using ImmCelz® regenerative immunotherapy for the treatment of stroke.

Source: Associated Press
Published: 14 May 2021

DiaMedica Therapeutics Announces FDA Clearance of IND Application to Initiate Phase 2/3 Clinical Trial for DM199 for Acute Ischemic Stroke

DiaMedica Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: DMAC), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical Company focused on developing novel treatments for neurological disorde

Source: Business Wire
Published: 17 May 2021

Mayo Clinic Q And A: Treatment for patent foramen ovale

I’m 36 and do not have any significant medical concerns, but due to a family member’s heart health issues, it was recommended I have a cardiac evaluation.

Source: News Tribune
Published: 18 May 2021

Many Louisiana residents don’t have quick access to stroke treatment

If you or someone you love suffers a stroke, getting quick treatment is important. But a new report reveals that many Louisiana residents don’t have quick and easy access to primary and comprehensive stroke care centers.

Source: KNOE on
Published: 08 May 2021

My Father In Law is suffering from Brain Stroke along with prolonged pneumonia We Need Your Help To Provide For His Treatment

Kanchan Sangle wants to raise funds for My Father In Law is suffering from Brain Stroke along with prolonged pneumonia We Need Your Help To Provide For His Treatment. Your donation has the power to help them move closer to their goal amount.

Source: Ketto
Published: 18 May 2021

electroCore Supports Results of Lancet Paper Highlighting the Benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Stroke Patients

Core anticipates results of the company’s two clinical studies on non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for acute treatment of strokeROCKAWAY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--electroCore, Inc., a commercial-stage bioelectronic medicine company,

Source: 아크로팬
Published: 18 May 2021

PHH finalizes treatment of acute ischemic stroke

As National Stroke Awareness Month begins, Penn Highlands Healthcare has announced that it has finalized its transition to using the clot-busting agent tenecteplase for treatment of acute ischemic

Published: 07 May 2021