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Source: University of Michigan
To improve the clinical care of women with pelvic pain and abnormal uterine bleeding due to benign uterine conditions including leiomyomas (uterine fibroids) and adenomyosis by evaluating the accuracy of radiology diagnostic exams (MRI(magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound and ultrasound with elastography). Read More
Last Updated: 01 Nov 2016
Source: University of Missouri, Kansas City
The primary aim of this study is to fully test a culturally/religiously-tailored, church-based HIV screening intervention (TIPS) against a standard HIV information intervention on HIV screening rates at 6 and 12 months with adult African American church members and community members who use church outreach services. Our secondary outcome is to reduce sexual risk behaviors with this same population. Read More
Last Updated: 13 Oct 2016
Source: TriHealth Inc.
i) The primary objective of this study is to determine if physical therapy improves postoperative quality of life in participants following vaginal reconstructive surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. ii) Secondary objectives include: 1. Comparing pelvic floor symptoms (urinary symptoms, defecatory symptoms and prolapse symptoms) in participants undergoing physical therapy compared to standard postoperative care ... Read More
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2014
Source: American Board of Internal Medicine
This is a multi-center exploratory study (each site got local IRB approval) of the impact of an educational toolkit combined with a practice-performance self-evaluation instrument (ABIM Care of the Vulnerable Elderly Practice Improvement Module) on trainee knowledge, skills, and attitudes about practice-based learning and improvement and systems-based practice in the care of elderly patients. Read More
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2010
Source: The Miriam Hospital
The purpose of this study is to determine whether a modified behavioral treatment for weight loss that includes one-on-one treatment for individuals struggling to lose weight is associated with more weight loss than a standard behavioral treatment. Read More
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2010
Source: Guangdong Association of Clinical Trials
This is a randomized, open-label, controlled, multicenter, Phase III study. Patients will be randomly assigned to treatment group (1:1) through a dynamic randomization process with use of the following stratification factors: sex (female/male), disease stage (stage IIIb vs. stage IV vs. recurrence), and EGFR gene mutation (exon 19 deletion vs. exon 21 L858R). Read More
Last Updated: 01 May 2016
Source: George Washington University
This study seeks to establish the effect of regular structured feedback on surgical performance using crowd sourced video assessments with validated objective performance scores and time to complete a specific surgical procedure through a randomized controlled trial. The working hypothesis is that regular structured assessment will lead to a greater measurable improvement in performance, as defined by objective performance scores, than will traditional ... Read More
Last Updated: 29 Dec 2016
Source: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC)
The Hematology Service provides hematology consultations for patients at the Clinical Center and participates in the training of hematology fellows. Patients with a broad range of hematologic disorders must be available in order for the senior staff of the Service to maintain clinical expertise and to provide the breadth of experience necessary for the fellowship program. The purpose of this protocol is to meet these needs by allowing the Hematology Service ... Read More
Last Updated: 23 Jan 2017
Source: North American Scapula Consortium
The North American Scapula Consortium (NASCon) is a multi-center injury specific outcomes registry. There currently exists a paucity of outcomes data in the literature on this patient population. The NASCon registry will be a resource in which investigators can conduct adequately powered clinical outcomes research resulting in higher quality research with meaningful results, improved patient care, and evidence-based advancement for the treatment of ... Read More
Last Updated: 14 Dec 2016
Source: Henry Ford Health System
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the diagnostic performance of three Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (3T MRI) compared to magnetic resonance arthrogram (MR arthrogram) in diagnosing superior labrum anterior posterior (SLAP) lesions. We hypothesize that 3T MRI will have non-inferior sensitivity compared to MR arthrogram in diagnosing SLAP lesions utilizing arthroscopy as our gold standard test. To evaluate our hypothesis, the investigators will ... Read More
Last Updated: 09 Jul 2013
Source: Johns Hopkins University
This research is being done to learn more about patient experiences at the Johns Hopkins Rheumatology Clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital. We want to learn about the patient, his or her health and experience with the doctor. Up to 75 patients (21 years and older) who are seen in this clinic may participate. Read More
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2006
Source: International Agency for Research on Cancer
The primary study hypothesis is that a two-dose human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine regimen would offer similar immunogenicity and protection as that of a three-dose regimen to girls against persistent HPV infection and cervical neoplasia caused by HPV types included in the vaccine. Read More
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016
Source: China Medical University Hospital
The purpose of this study is to assess study subjects' adherence to different weight control intervention programs and the effect of intervention programs on physical and biochemical examinations, physical fitness, food intake and exercise behaviors and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components' abnormalities. Read More
Last Updated: 27 Dec 2009
Source: Thomas Jefferson University
The purpose of the proposed trial is to determine whether contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can be used to assess the recurrence of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) after cryoablation compared to contrast enhanced CT or MR (the standard evaluation). This study involves the off-label use of an FDA-approved ultrasound contrast agent, Optison that flows in the vascularity. CEUS will be performed by both two and three dimensional ultrasound to examine ... Read More
Last Updated: 13 Oct 2016
Source: University of California, San Diego
The investigators will conduct a prospective observational cohort study to investigate factors that influence contraceptive method utilization among women with medical conditions. The investigators will also investigate how women with medical conditions access to contraception and family planning fellowship trained specialist. After the baseline questionnaire, there be a 3 month and 6 month follow up questionnaire to investigate continuation and satisfaction ... Read More
Last Updated: 01 Dec 2014
Source: McMaster University
Building on an earlier pilot study, this randomized controlled trial will compare the effectiveness of a 12 week community YMCA-based wellness program specifically designed for people with stroke (Fit for Function) to a standard YMCA membership. Read More
Last Updated: 12 Sep 2016
Source: Johns Hopkins University
Objective: To conduct a pilot randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of a parent support intervention consisting of periodic text messages and educational support (video, collateral materials),and usual care on the healthcare engagement of limited English proficient (LEP) Latino parents during their child's first year and to examine its impact on healthcare utilization and primary care quality. Read More
Last Updated: 10 Nov 2016
Source: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
The New Hampshire Medicaid Wellness Incentive Program (WIP) will address both the health disparity and increased costs by providing incentivized health promotion programs to overweight or obese and/or tobacco-smoking Medicaid beneficiaries receiving services at New Hampshire's 10 regional Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs). Read More
Last Updated: 31 Jul 2016
Source: Private Hospital Moelholm
Background: Laparoscopic Roux en Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) is associated with a significant learning curve. We report the results of a systematic training programme from a high volume bariatric center measuring the outcome by comparing the results with data from a consecutive series of 1000 fast track LRYGB. Method: Using a stepwise training programme the RY gastric bypass operation was divided into an upper and lower procedure and subdivided into 11 well ... Read More
Last Updated: 08 Dec 2010
Source: University of Colorado, Denver
Hypothesis: ACE tool for colonoscopy and EGD allows for reliable standardized learning curves, competency benchmarks, and creation of a centralized database that compares trainee performance amongst peers. Trainees receiving quarterly learning curves achieve competence in endoscopic procedures at a faster rate (ie less procedures) compared to trainees receiving usual feedback on endoscopic performance as established by their respective GI fellowship ... Read More
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016
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