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Clinical Trials: Medicolegal

Source: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center, India
This study analyse the rise in Intraocular Pressure while patient is in surgery in head low position. Read More
Last Updated: 03 Jan 2016
Source: NorthShore University HealthSystem
To date the effect of AIMS on medical interventions has not been studied. We seek to retrospectively evaluate paper and electronic anesthesia records among a single surgical population (esophageal surgery) to ascertain any differences that may exist between cohorts with regards to chart completion, anesthetic management and medical care. Read More
Last Updated: 21 Apr 2015
Source: University of Southern California
The formation of intraperitoneal adhesion following abdominal surgery is accepted by clinicians as an inevitable consequence. More than 90% of patients undergoing a surgical procedure in the abdomen will develop intraperitoneal adesions. The incidence however, of small bowel obstruction (SBO) resulting form these adhesions is far lower. To date, it is unknown which risk factors predispose these patients to develop SBO. Several have been proposed, such as ... Read More
Last Updated: 10 May 2016
Source: Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital
The investigators tried to explore an alternative non-depolarizing muscle relaxant (rocuronium) and its optimal dosage to replace succinylcholine for IONM during thyroid surgery.Time frame of outcome measure was during 30 to 70min after rocuronium injection. Specific time points at which the will be assessed and for EMG signals will be presented. Read More
Last Updated: 25 Feb 2015
Source: PREtest Consult
The purpose of this study is to evaluate if the implementation of quantitative pretest probability assessment will significantly reduce the unnecessary use of the intra-emergency department chest pain center. Specifically, the study will examine whether the PREtest Consult acute coronary syndrome (ACS) pretest probability assessment system can significantly reduce the use of chest pain unit evaluation in very low risk emergency department (ED) patients, can ... Read More
Last Updated: 07 Nov 2007
Source: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
the aim of this study was to estimate the relations between Bispectral Index values and explicit or implicit memory or dreams during two different minimal alveolar concentration (MAC) of sevoflurane in patients undergoing blended anaesthesia for major abdominal surgery and ,in this way, estimate the possibility to reduce, in presence of a deep analgesia, like epidural analgesia, the requirement of halogenated volatile anesthetics. Read More
Last Updated: 24 Feb 2013
Source: Jagiellonian University
Some recent studies have shown that intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) can aid the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) identification during thyroid surgery. However, the role of IONM in reducing the incidence of RLN injury rate and the value of this method in predicting postoperative RLN function remain controversial. Only a few published series represent level III of evidence and grade C of recommendation according to the evidence-based criteria (Sackett's ... Read More
Last Updated: 16 Apr 2008
Source: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC)
Background: -Coordinated cancer care provided by doctors, nurses, social workers, and other care providers is believed to improve patient and physician satisfaction and patient evaluation for enrollment in clinical trials. But no research has been done to show that this approach improves patient experiences and outcomes. Researchers want to study this model to better understand how it can improve cancer treatment and patient outcomes. Objectives: ... Read More
Last Updated: 23 Jan 2017
Source: Indiana University
The investigators hypothesize that by adding a patient screening and physician alerting module to a computer-based decision support system, the investigators can improve the detection and management of legal issues that may affect children's health. this randomized controlled trial will place the module in two clinics using the CHICA decision support system and compare the rate of detection and resolution of medical-legal issues in those clinics compared to ... Read More
Last Updated: 08 Nov 2016
Source: University of Oklahoma
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) affects as many as 14% of women in the United States. Furthermore, the number of pregnant women with pregestational diabetes mellitus (PGDM) is also increasing, mainly due to an increase in the diagnosis of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. A recent study demonstrated that 1.3% of pregnancies are now complicated by PGDM and that PGDM now comprises 21% of the diabetes that complicate gestations, which represents a ... Read More
Last Updated: 17 Nov 2016
Source: Tampere University Hospital
The main goal of the study is to present a framework, which integrates DNA, RNA and tissue data to identify and prioritize genetic events that represent clinically relevant new therapeutic targets and prognostic biomarkers for different kinds of brain tumors. The investigators study the regulation of neoplastic cell growth by oncogenes, tumor-suppressor and other cancer related genes using modern molecular genetic methods, such as chromogenic-in-situ ... Read More
Last Updated: 17 Mar 2013
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