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Source: MedImmune LLC
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of MEDI8852 compared to placebo when administered to healthy adult subjects. Read More
Last Updated: 09 Jul 2015
Source: Tokyo Medical University
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of rosuvastatin treatment on degree of intracranial arterial stenosis. Read More
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2015
Source: Xiamen Amoytop Biotech Co., Ltd.
This study is a multi-center, randomized, prospective open-label study to assess the efficacy and safety of combination of peginterferon alfa-2b (40kD, Y-shape) and GM-CSF in interferon-naïve chronic hepatitis B patients with HBeAg positive. Patients were randomized to one of the 2 groups to receive different antiviral treatment. Read More
Last Updated: 22 Jan 2017
Source: National University Hospital, Singapore
This study is to investigate changes in brain activities in acute stroke patients , and to correlate findings with clinical outcome measures. Another aim of the study is to investigate whether transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) could improve motor function in subjects with poor brain activity after stroke. The brain activity will be measured by single and paired pulse TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). The study hypothesizes that: ... Read More
Last Updated: 21 Jul 2015
Source: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
There are 2 parts to this study: Part 1 (dose escalation) and Part 2 (dose expansion). The goal of Part 1 of this clinical research study is to find the highest tolerable dose of the combination of bosutinib and inotuzumab ozogamicin that can be given to patients with Ph+ ALL and CML in the lymphoid blast phase that also expresses CD22. The goal of Part 2 is to learn if the dose found in Part 1 can help to control the disease. The safety of this drug ... Read More
Last Updated: 12 Jan 2017
Source: Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven
This study evaluates the value of a nursing symptom support en selfmanagement intervention for adult patients with cancer treated with chemotherapy. Using a prospective sequential design with a comparison group who receives standard care and a (later) intervention group who gets the nursing intervention, we will evaluate the effect of this nursing intervention on overall symptom distress (primary outcome) and other measures of symptom burden, self-efficacy, ... Read More
Last Updated: 23 Oct 2016
Source: Ospedale Regionale di Lugano
Reservoir fill port identification by palpation versus ultrasound,a mono-centre prospective comparison study in patients undergoing regular intrathecal pump refill Read More
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2016
Source: University Hospital of Mont-Godinne
Noninvasive brain stimulations (NIBS) will be used in MS patients with cognitive impairments to enhance their cognitive aptitudes. Read More
Last Updated: 01 Dec 2015
Source: Qazvin University Of Medical Sciences
Despite an increasing pharmacopoeia of effective medications for the treatment of bipolar disorder, patient outcomes continue to be impacted by treatment adherence. Non-adherence to treatments is also a major obstacle in translating efficacy in research settings into effectiveness in clinical practice. Non-adherence with bipolar disorder (BD) medication treatment dramatically worsens outcomes. Reasons for non-adherence among individuals with BD are ... Read More
Last Updated: 03 Jan 2016
Source: Western Galilee Hospital-Nahariya
Comparison between patients with nasolacrimal duct obstruction and healthy patients and the influence of their bacterial flora on the corneal epithelium. Read More
Last Updated: 07 Sep 2014
Source: Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Expiratory flow limitation (EFL) occurs when flow ceases to increase with increasing expiratory effort. In any circumstances EFL predisposes to pulmonary dynamic hyperinflation and its unfavorable effects such as increased elastic work of breathing, inspiratory muscles dysfunction, and progressive neuroventilatory dissociation, leading to reduced exercise tolerance, marked breathlessness during effort, and severe chronic dyspnea. Our hypothesis is that EFL ... Read More
Last Updated: 24 Oct 2016
Source: Cornell University
The two specific aims of this study are: 1) to assess the impact of a genetic variant on iron status; 2) to assess the impact of a genetic variant on non-heme absorption among Asian women. The investigators hypothesize that the genetic variant could enhance iron status and iron absorption in Asian women. Read More
Last Updated: 20 Jul 2014
Source: Liverpool John Moores University
Physical activity (PA) benefits both physical and psychological health, yet the majority of UK adults are physically inactive. "Exercise for Health" (EFH) is a General Practitioner (GP) exercise referral scheme run in Liverpool for people who are inactive with a medical condition. Patients are referred by their GP practice, where they receive 12 weeks of subsidised exercise classes at their local leisure or community centre. In 2012, one of the thirteen EFH ... Read More
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2016
Source: University of Colorado, Denver
This study plans to learn more about the different ways used to treat tracheostomy granulomas. Investigators want to see which standard of care method (steroid application, silver nitrate, or betadine) is more successful in treating tracheostomy granulomas. Read More
Last Updated: 10 Nov 2016
Source: University of Nottingham
The investigators will apply non invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques developed in Nottingham to evaluate the gastric emptying, small bowel water content, colonic gas and volumes in healthy volunteers eating three breads with different amount of gluten (none, normal, or high gluten) in three consecutive weeks. Read More
Last Updated: 04 Oct 2015
Source: Georgetown University
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a rapidly emerging imaging modality that can function as a type of "optical biopsy", providing non-invasive cross-sectional images of tissue architectural morphology in situ and in real-time. This proposal will demonstrate that OCT has the ability to provide novel and valuable histopathological information regarding donor kidneys that can be used to predict post-transplant renal function. These investigations will result ... Read More
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2017
Source: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Dijon
The aim of this open, controlled, multicentre biomedical research study is to identify new markers specifically associated with Horton's disease. This would make it possible to improve the diagnosis and management of this disease. Participation consists in taking one or several blood samples depending on the group patients/controls. Read More
Last Updated: 12 Feb 2014
Source: Medical University of Graz
Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) involves breathing of 100% oxygen under elevated ambient pressure. In correlation to the pressure level oxygen dissolves in the plasma resulting in an increase of total oxygen in the body. The elevated tissue levels of oxygen may persist for hours, instigating healing processes in wounds caused by disturbances in of perfusion in small vessels, a condition often found in patient with diabetes. We plan a prospective, double-blind ... Read More
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2016
Source: David Grant U.S. Air Force Medical Center
This study is designed as a safety assessment to determine the cardiac and hemodynamic effects of overuse of energy drinks in healthy individuals through ECG, heart rate (HR) and blood pressure measurements. It will evaluate the use of a consumer available product that is classified as a dietary supplement by the FDA. Read More
Last Updated: 09 Aug 2016
Source: Korean Medicine Hospital of Pusan National University
Acupuncture is widely used for managing acute and chronic pain conditions. In the context of an emergency department (ED), patients often present with non-emergent acute pain symptoms. This may result in a delayed triage process and inefficient emergent management. An integrative patient-care approach in emergency departments has been explored that may improve patient satisfaction and promote efficient use of healthcare resources for non-emergent patients in ... Read More
Last Updated: 02 Dec 2015