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Source: Uni Research
The study compares the effect of a group-based activity with an individual work-out activity on work participation. Read More
Last Updated: 23 Jan 2017
Source: Clarus Therapeutics, Inc.
A Phase 2, open-label, randomized, cross-over, pharmacokinetic study designed to determine the effect of meals of various amounts of fat given immediately prior to dosing on the pharmacokinetics of oral testosterone undecanoate. Approximately 20 hypogonadal subjects will be dosed for a 14 day run-in period. This will be followed by a randomized sequence of five periods over a 6 day confinement period. Subjects will receive a randomly ordered sequence of ... Read More
Last Updated: 28 Sep 2016
Source: Vastra Gotaland Region
The study is an open intervention study with the aim to determine the effects of weight-loss treatment with Low-Energy liquid Diet (LED) on disease activity, quality of life and markers of the metabolic syndrome in patients with psoriatic arthritis and obesity. Read More
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2016
Source: Oslo University Hospital
During in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, women receive hormone stimulation with gonadotropins to induce growth of several ovarian follicles. Selecting the optimal dosage of gonadotropin is important to avoid maturation of too few or too many follicles, which may impair the chances of treatment success, lead to treatment cancellation, or serious side effects. Motivated by the lack of standardised procedures to estimate the optimal dosage of ... Read More
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2016
Source: Rhode Island Hospital
Many people living with HIV use illicit drugs, which leads to worsened health outcomes and increased transmission of HIV due to poor adherence to medication regimens. This research will develop an intervention targeting medication adherence that is tailored to the unique needs of HIV-infected drug users. This research will promote adherence and improve treatment outcomes among HIV-infected drug users thereby minimizing the development of drug resistant ... Read More
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2016
Source: Huons Co.,Ltd.
A Multi-Centre, Parallel, Double-Blind, Active comparator, Randomised phase III Clinical Trial Read More
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2016
Source: University Hospital, Toulouse
A monocentric pilot studying intestinal organoids from endoscopic biopsies of IBD (Crohn and ulcerative colitis), FAP patients and healthy controls. Investigate the morphological characteristics of organoids, the expression of genes and proteins of the Wnt/APC/beta-catenin pathway within both ISC. Read More
Last Updated: 04 Dec 2016
Source: Mansoura University
Post-reperfusion syndrome and ischemia-reperfusion insult are a common well-known complication in liver transplantation. Several trials investigated variables that my contribute to the generation of these two complications for reducing their incidence and magnitude. The investigators will investigate the effect of acute conditioning of the recipients circulation to the vasoactive mediators in the graft as well as the congested intestine through intermittent ... Read More
Last Updated: 27 Dec 2016
Source: University Hospital, Lille
Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) as well as Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF) are established techniques for lumbar interbody fusion. In contrast with posterior approaches, they allow free approach to the anterior disc space without opening of the spinal canal or the neural foramina. However, the additional anterior approach conveys specific concerns, including abdominal pain that may delay recovery after surgery. The transversus abdominis plane ... Read More
Last Updated: 15 Nov 2016
Source: CJ HealthCare Corporation
To demonstrate non-inferiority of CJ-12420 to lansoprazole 30 mg capsule in terms of therapeutic efficacy, and to confirm safety of CJ-12420, after once daily oral administration of CJ-12420 50 mg, 100 mg or Lansoprazole 30 mg capsule in gastric ulcer patients. Read More
Last Updated: 27 Dec 2016
Source: Huashan Hospital
The purpose of this study is to determine whether bevacizumab and nimustine are effective in the treatment of recurrent high grade glioma and to explore whether there is any subgroup being sensitive to this therapeutic protocol. Read More
Last Updated: 05 Mar 2016
Source: VA Office of Research and Development
Among older VA patients who have Medicare coverage, 43% use both VA and non-VA (Medicare-covered) services. VA and non-VA providers are often uninformed about encounters, treatments and test results provided in the other system. The overall objective of this project is to examine the impact of VA provider notification of non-VA hospitalization or emergency department (ED) visit using electronic health information exchange (HIE), along with provision of ... Read More
Last Updated: 04 Jan 2017
Source: New York University School of Medicine
The primary purpose of this study is to determine whether the leg positioning or distal tourniquet used during the injection of local anesthetic may decrease the onset time and prolong the duration of analgesia of ultrasound-guided Sciatic Nerve Block (SNB) with popliteal approach. Patients will be divided randomly into three groups: group 1 will receive sciatic nerve block, with leg kept in a neutral position after anesthesia (control group); group 2 will ... Read More
Last Updated: 26 Dec 2016
Source: Queen Mary University of London
This study is being carried out to see if the antiandrogen enzalutamide has antitumour effects in early breast cancer. Enzalutamide blocks the action of androgens on the androgen receptor (AR) and may slow down or stop breast cancers growing. Enzalutamide is approved for the treatment of prostate cancer. The trial will be offered to patients who have just been diagnosed with early breast cancer and who are planned to have surgery in the next few ... Read More
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2016
Source: University of Western Ontario, Canada
To assess the efficacy of a hydrothermally modified starch supplement (Superstarch made byGeneration UCAN) vs isoenergetic placebo (glucose) on exercise performance, execution of specific soccer skills, and on cognitive function during and following a simulated soccer game. Secondary: To compare fat oxidation and carbohydrate oxidation (based on RER data) during the game with Generation UCAN vs isoenergetic placebo (glucose). Read More
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2016
Source: University of Western Ontario, Canada
Many studies in the past three decades have examined the beneficial effects of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in diet and supplementation. The effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically omega-3 and omega-6, on health have been well-studied but most of the study to date has been on animal not plant sources and much less is know about their effects on exercise performance. Additionally, while positive effects have been detected for sedentary ... Read More
Last Updated: 11 Jan 2016
Source: Universidad de Almeria
This study evaluates the benefits of probiotics in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. Read More
Last Updated: 10 Mar 2016
Source: Lawson Health Research Institute
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressing scarring disease of the lungs with an average survival of only 30-36 months since the time of diagnosis. The clinical course of IPF is highly variable, with some patients remaining stable for a prolonged period of time, even in the absence of medical treatment, while others experience rapid and relentless progression. In some cases, the clinical course consists of a stepwise rather than steady decline, ... Read More
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016
Source: Gilead Sciences
This study will evaluate the safety of elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/ tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) relative to unchanged current antiretroviral therapy (ART) by assessing spine and hip bone mineral density (BMD) measured at Week 48 in virologically-suppressed, HIV-1 infected participants aged ≥ 60 years. Read More
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2017
Source: Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
This randomized pilot clinical trial studies the effects of electronic cigarettes on the lungs. Studying the effects of electronic cigarettes on the lungs may provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government regulators with important information, which may help in developing future regulations to make electronic cigarettes safer. Read More
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2016
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