Event Title: Family Medicine, ENT, and Sleep Medicine Cruise

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Family Medicine, ENT, and Sleep Medicine Cruise
Continuing Education, INC.
Live CME Cruise onboard Celebrity Constellation Cruise
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17 Aug 2020
10 Night Cruise Conference
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Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists
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Healthy Lifestyles and the Obesity Epidemic Discuss the epidemiology of obesity Discuss the role of lifestyle habits in prevention and management of obesity Screening for Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Distinguish the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Enumerate the recommended screening tests for breast, colon and lung cancer and their timing. Describe the recommended guidelines for blood pressure screening, cholesterol screening, and diabetes screening. Evidence-based Exercise and Diet options for Cardiovascular Prevention Describe the recommended levels of exercise for adults. Describe the most appropriate diet for patients with diabetes or hypertension. The Physiologic Basis of a Healthy Diet and Exercise - a primer Provide at least three physiologic effects of exercise on human cells Describe three physiologic mechanisms for the impact of fruits and vegetables on health Update on Pneumonia Management Describe the most common causes of community-acquired pneumonia. Identify the latest recommended initial empiric treatment of patients with community-acquired pneumonia with or without co-existing morbidities. Update on COPD Management Describe the classification of severity of COPD according to symptoms and spirometry values. Identify the recommended initial treatment of patients with COPD according to severity. Update on Asthma Management Describe the classification of asthma according to symptoms and spirometry values. Identify the recommended initial treatment of patients with asthma for each level of severity. Describe the important differences between treatment options for asthma and treatment for COPD. Facial Paralysis and Bell's Palsy Participants should be able to differentiate the potential causes of unilateral facial paralysis and know the AAO-HNS guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Head and Neck Manifestations of Reflux Participants will be able to list and associate symptoms that may be caused by reflux in patients that have no heartburn or GI symptoms.
J. David Cunningham, Jr., MD, FACS Dana E. King, MD, MS
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