Event Title: Allergy, Immunology & Geriatrics

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Allergy, Immunology & Geriatrics
Continuing Education, Inc.
Holland America's Nieuw Statendam
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17 Oct 2019
10 Nights
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Physicians, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
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Topics: 1. Osteoporosis Evaluate screening recommendations and apply them to everyday practice Utilize therapies that include bisphosphonates, PTH and inhibitors of the RANK/RANKL/OPG system Review the current controversies and clinical studies regarding Vitamin D Better advise patients on calcium supplementation 2. MCI and Alzheimer's Disease Define Mild Cognitive Impairment in both amnestic and non-amnestic disease states Understand the potential implications of an early diagnosis of dementia for patient care outcomes Describe the clinical manifestations of Alzheimer's disease Evaluate patients for symptoms of cognitive and functional loss Apply appropriate drug and non-drug interventions for patients with dementia Counsel families and caregivers at all stages of a disease 3. To Sleep: Perchance to Dream Describe the age-related changes in sleep Evaluate the psychiatric, medical, and neurological causes of sleep problems Implement office-based and objective methods for evaluating sleep-disordered breathing Intervene with appropriate treatments for complaints of insomnia including CBTI as first-line guideline-directed care. 4. Management of Constipation Understand the common barriers that hinder the optimal management of chronic constipation in health care settings Define primary as well as secondary causes of hypertension in the older adult Provide a rational strategy to manage constipation based on the current best evidence of the drug classes currently available 5. Where Pain Management Meets Addiction Medicine Understand the pathogenesis of pain Apply recent guidelines in pain management including calculations for Morphine Milligram Equivalent Units Choose appropriate drug therapy and multimodal interventions for the relief of pain Consider the metabolic breakdown of different narcotics and their contribution to serotonin syndrome Employ newer tools to determine the potential for opioid dependence 6. Pulmonary Disease in the Elderly Evaluate current trends in pulmonary disease in the elderly Review current immunization guidelines and supportive therapy Include new therapies like LAMA/LABA combination inhalers and roflumilast in the management of COPD Implement the appropriate use of nebulizers, MDIs and oxygen Apply guideline-directed care to patients with COPD 7. Nutritional Supplements: When East meets West Understand that adequate nutrition is a prerequisite for the maintenance of good health and optimum efficiency Find the on-line resources that provide the best evidence in support of dietary and nutritional supplements Identify targeted supplements for heart disease, vision, depression/mood, and urologic disorders Council patients on the risks of certain therapies in the presence of another disease Improve your working knowledge of the Mediterranean diet
Eric G. Tangalos, MD, FACP, AGSF, CMD Andrew S. Bagg, MD, FAAAAI, FCAAAI
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Call 1-800-422-0711 or visit https://continuingeducation.net/coursedescription.php?topic=Allergy_Immunology_CME_Mediterranean_Cruise_October_2019#description
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