Event Title: Topics in Emergency Medicine, Physician Wellness, and Burnout

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Topics in Emergency Medicine, Physician Wellness, and Burnout
Continuing Education, Inc.
Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas
United States
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24 May 2019
7 Nights
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Physicians, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
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Physician burnout is everywhere. It affects physicians, their colleagues and staff, their families and, ultimately, their patients. What can we do about it? Participants in this course will develop new knowledge and strategies that can be applied immediately to their unique hospital or clinic setting. The series begins with a framework for understanding physician wellness at the personal and institutional levels as well as within the culture of medicine. Additional topics include medical marriages/relationships, the ethical principles and obligations of burnout, when the doctor becomes a patient, and dealing with difficult patients/colleagues. Participants will develop skills for using self-compassion when coping with trauma and loss in medicine. Topics 1. Update of Physician Wellness Apply conceptual framework of physician wellness at the personal and institutional level and within the culture of medicine to their unique hospital/clinic setting. 2. Dealing with Difficult Patients and Colleagues Give examples of how to assist a burned-out colleague. 3. Medical Marriage/relationships Analyze an important variable that affects physician wellness and assess strategies for support of relationships. 4. Coping with Trauma/Loss Utilize a compassion-based strategy for self care when coping with struggles experienced in medicine. 5. Ethics of Burnout Apply principles of ethical obligations to their unique hospital/clinic setting. 6. When the Doctor becomes a Patient Summarize common insights physicians report when experiencing role reversal. 7. Burnout: Is it Medicine or is it Me? Identity sources of personal-professional conflict that increase symptoms of burnout. 8. Concussion Assess patients for a concussion and make appropriate referrals for follow up 9. Update on Burns Manage acute thermal injury and make appropriate referrals 10. Doorway Diagnosis 1 Use visual clues in order to establish a differential diagnosis 11. Doorway Diagnosis 2 Use visual clues in order to establish a differential diagnosis 12. How to Read A Head CT Assess the findings on a head CT 13. Dermdilema Utilize the clinical presentation and history to diagnose their disease 14. Orthopedic Pitfalls Recognize and manage acute orthopedic injuries
Kathy Stepien, MD, FAAP David Effron, MD
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Call 1-800-422-0711 or visit https://continuingeducation.net/coursedescription.php?topic=Emergency_Med_Physician_Wellness_Burnout_Alaska_Cme_May_2019#description
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