Patients' Preferences for Repair Versus Replacement Restorations

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Patients' Preferences for Repair Versus Replacement Restorations
Partially defective dental restorations might either be treated by complete replacement or by repair of the affected region. Repair restorations are a scientifically proven approach to manage failed restorations, but probably unknown to most patients. Results from this study and findings on the predictors of patients' therapy decisions might improve future patient information documents.
Handling insufficient restorations contributes up to 2/3 of all treatments in dentistry. Formerly, defective restorations were completely removed and replaced. Today, repair restorations are an alternative choice. During repair treatment, only the defective portion of a restoration (instead of the complete restoration) is removed and replaced. By performing repair restorations dental hard tissue can be conserved and the risk of treatment associated complications is reduced. Recent studies have shown that survival rates of repair restorations are slightly lower compared to replacement fillings. Nevertheless, in certain clinical situations repair restorations are more cost-effective than replacement. Further studies have shown that patients' decisions differ with regard to a variety of factors. This applies to decisions regarding dental treatments as well. However, patients' decisions between both possible therapy options (repair or replacement) of partially defective restorations are not yet investigated.
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Patients' Preferences
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21 Jan 2017
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