Effect Evaluation of the Work Rehabilitation Effort "Best iLag"

NCT ID: NCT02945397

Effect Evaluation of the Work Rehabilitation Effort "Best iLag"
The study compares the effect of a group-based activity with an individual work-out activity on work participation.
The study is an RCT comparing the effect of a group-based intervention with an individual work-out intervention on work participation. The target group is persons who are at risk of leaving the work force due to health issues, and people currently outside the work force. The interventions have a time-span of 3 months. Survey data will be collected at baseline, after three months (after intervention has ended), and after 15 months. Survey data include information on lifestyle, self-reported health, subjective health complaints and readiness for work. Register data on employment and welfare benefits will be collected from two years in advance of inclusion, and five years after inclusion. According to power calculations, the study will need 322 participants. In addition to the effect evaluation, a process evaluation will also be performed. The process evaluation will examine content quality and adherence to guidelines, as well as feasibility of the group intervention. The process evaluation will consist of some survey data as well as interviews with service providers and participants.
Musculoskeletal Pain, Work Related Illnesses, Burnout, Professional
Return to work, Work rehabilitation, Sick-leave
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23 Jan 2017
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