Follow-Up After Surgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis

NCT ID: NCT02860208

Follow-Up After Surgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis
The objective of this prospective clinical study was to evaluate the 3-year outcomes of anti-infective surgical treatment of peri-implantitis when a regular supportive peri-implant therapy (SPIT) programme was followed.
The patients enrolled in this prospective study all received surgical treatment for peri-implantitis at one of 2 treatment centres (specialist periodontal practice, Molndal and Gothenburg, Public Dental Health Services, Region Vastra Gotaland, Sweden) and were enrolled between October 2010 and December 2013.). All were treated by experienced periodontists. Details of the peri-implantitis treatment protocol have been described in a previous publication reporting on the 12-month clinical and radiographic treatment outcomes, registered at (NCT01857804) and approved by the Regional Ethical Committee, Gothenburg, Sweden (Dnr. 654-10).
Peri-Implantitis, Surgical therapy, Follow-up, Supportive peri-implant therapy
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18 Dec 2016
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