Comparison of Nutrition Risk Screens

NCT ID: NCT02585245

Comparison of Nutrition Risk Screens in Identification of Hospitalized Patients at Nutrition Risk and/or With Malnutrition.
This research study will compare two different screens for nutrition risk in patients who are in the hospital. We will be comparing the ThedaCare Nutrition Risk Screen to see if it is as good and consistent as the standard NRS 2002 Nutrition Risk Screen.
This research study comparing the ThedaCare screen against the NRS 2002 screen will validate the accuracy and reliability of the ThedaCare Screen and the timeliness of nutrition intervention of patients with a diagnosis of malnutrition. Early nutrition intervention will positively affect the patient's clinical complication, LOS, and readmission.
Hospital Nutrition screens
ThedaCare, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Last Updated
03 May 2016
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