Compassionate Use of Omegaven IV Fat Emulsion

NCT ID: NCT02477345

Compassionate Use of Omegaven IV Fat Emulsion
This protocol involves the compassionate use of intravenous fish oil infusion, Omegaven. The protocol involves infants and children with parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease to enable the reversal of elevated serum liver enzymes and direct bilirubin (cholestasis).
In the United States, patients dependent upon parenteral nutrition (PN) receive parenteral fat emulsions composed of soybean oils. Lipids are necessary in PN dependent patients due to their high caloric value and essential fatty acid content. Intravenous lipid emulsions have been implicated in predisposing patients to PN associated liver disease. Phytosterols such as those contained in soybean oils are thought to have a deleterious effect on biliary secretion. Accumulation of lipids in the hepatic Kupffer cells may further impair liver function. Omega 6 fatty acid emulsions prevent fatty acid emulsions prevent fatty acid deficiency, it is thought that they are not cleared in a manner similar to enteral chylomicrons and therefore accumulate in the liver and resulting in steatotic liver injury (neonatal cholestasis). It is hypothesized that a fat emulsion comprised of omega 3 fatty acids (i.e.: fish oil), such as de novo lipogenesis, the reduction of arachidonic acid-derived inflammatory mediators, prevention of essential fatty acid deficiency through the presence of small amounts of arachidonic acid, and improved clearance of lipids from the serum. Animal studies have shown that IV fat emulsions such as fish oil that are high in eicosapentaenic and docosahexaenoic acid reduce impairment of bile flow which is seen in cholestasis caused by conventional fat emulsions. Furthermore, intravenous omega-e fatty acids are well tolerated and might reduce the hepatic dysfunction. By administering Omegaven in place of conventional phytosterol/soybean fat emulsion, the progression of PN-associated cholestasis can be prevented or reversed.
Cholestasis, Liver Disease
Cholestasis, Parenteral Nutrition, Liver disease
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