Change From Baseline to Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Before and After Administration Drug

NCT ID: NCT02378194

Chronic renal failure is a syndrome that renal function is decreased, and the patient number is increasing. In addition, patients on dialysis have also increased. Depending on the chronic renal failure aggravated, the deterioration of life caused by the conduct of dialysis patients is caused. In addition, a problem in dialysis treatment is ongoing economic burden surface to increase the life of the patient and family. A solution to this problem is, or stops the progression of chronic renal failure prior to dialysis, it is necessary to delay. As a treatment for inhibiting the progression of chronic renal failure is present, along with diet and blood pressure-lowering drugs or a drug therapy used by kremezin. However, the effect is not enough, new drug development is required. HD-003 is a novel compound, and found to inhibit the renal failure progression. It was found during the search active substance that appear when the inflammation in animals. The investigators confirmed that the substance is present in the urine of a person during the study, and later established a link between kidney disease hypotheses. When performing the test in animal model renal failure, chronic renal Through the non-clinical testing of the HD-003(general toxicity studies, reproductive, developmental toxicity test, mutagenicity test and antigen tests) showed that a very low toxicity. When going through the review of the safety and pharmacokinetic Phase 1 clinical study, it was confirmed a very satisfactory safety and tolerability. And pharmacokinetic results from the body's absorption in healthy subjects had been done well, a linear correlation was observed. Finally, it was confirmed that the most rapidly excreted into the urine. This study is a Phase 2a clinical trials performed in patients with chronic renal failure in 3, 4 steps. The evaluation of changes in serum creatinine(sCr) in vivo indicator of renal failure according to the progress. Evaluating the inhibitory effect of HD-003 renal failure progression and dose setting, and to determine the safety.
Chronic Renal Failure
in stage 3 or 4 steps
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