Cardio Protective Properties of a Yogurt Enriched With Bioactive Lipids of Olive Oil Products

NCT ID: NCT02259205

Cardio Protective Properties of a Yogurt Enriched With Bioactive Lipids of Olive Oil Products
This study evaluates the effectiveness of a yogurt enriched with bioactive lipids extracted from olive mill waste in platelet aggregation and other inflammatory and oxidative stress markers. The study will include three groups: the intervention group will receive the enriched yogurt while the other two groups will serve as controls (plain yogurt and no yogurt consumption).
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Data from the investigators research group indicate that platelet activating factor (PAF) is one of the most important inflammatory factors and the main mediator of thrombosis during the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Thus, dietary interventions aimed at inhibition of PAF is of particular importance in public health level. The aim of the study is to examine the efficacy of administering in humans bioactive lipids extracted from olive mill waste (with proven in vitro anti-thrombotic activity and in vivo anti-atherosclerotic properties in rabbits fed an atherogenic diet) to inhibit the activity of PAF and other inflammatory mediators. Bioactive lipids are isolated by standardized methodology of oil manufacture byproducts. Preliminary studies have been done in animals to establish the safety of administration of these compounds and to clarify the effective dosages of administration for inhibiting formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The effectiveness of these compounds in humans will be examined in a randomized, double-blind clinical trial in subjects aged 40-60 years, lasting eight weeks. Supplementation with the bioactive lipids will be in the form of an enriched yogurt provided daily. The study includes three groups: treatment group, where enriched yogurt will be provided, plain yogurt treatment group and no consumption of yogurt group . Parameters that will be assessed are the inhibition of platelet aggregation (with three different stimuli, including PAF), lipid profile, inflammatory markers such as CRP, IL-6, TNFa, and oxidative stress markers.
Cardiovascular Diseases
platelet activating factor, inflammatory markers, yogurt, olive oil, platelet aggregation, oxidative stress, endothelial damage, bioactive lipids
Harokopio University
Harokopio University, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship (OPCE II), NRSF 2007-13
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