Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention in Afterschool Programs

NCT ID: NCT02144519

Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies, Obesogenic Behaviors and Weight Outcomes
The investigators long-term goal is to advance the adoption and successful implementation of policies that promote PA and nutrition in after school programs (ASP) nationwide. The investigators objective here is two fold. First, the investigators will test the effectiveness of two promising strategies designed to 1) increase the amount of PA children accumulate while attending an ASP and 2) promote changes in the nutritional quality of the snacks served. This represents a fundamental step in establishing practice-based guidelines (best practices) for the uptake and achievement of public health policy goals (CA and Harvard). Second, the investigators will examine the barriers and facilitators to implementing these strategies. The expected outcome of this study is evidence supporting best practices for ASPs to employ to meet policy goals.
The investigators will use a 3-year delayed treatment, cluster randomized controlled trial design with 20 ASPs that serve mostly low-income and minority children (approximately 1300 children ages 6-12yrs) in Columbia, SC and address the following specific aims: Aim 1. Evaluate the impact of a staff-level intervention, a professional development training program focused on core competencies to promote physical activity, on children's physical activity levels; Aim 2. Evaluate the impact of a site-level intervention, a snack modification program that includes a discount buying program, on the quality of snacks served and consumed; and Aim 3. Evaluate the implementation of the staff-level and site-level interventions and identify organizational, staff, and setting characteristics that influence the process of implementing these strategies.
Childhood Obesity
University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
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21 Jun 2016
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