Evaluating the Influence of Ready-to-use (RTU) Parenteral Nutrition in the Clinical Outcome of Patients Study

NCT ID: NCT00798681

EPICOS- Evaluating the Influence of RTU Parenteral Nutrition in the Clinical Outcome Patients Study
This is an international prospective randomized multicenter open-label controlled study. The primary center will be Fernandes Távora Hospital (Fortaleza, Ceará). The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of closed parenteral nutrition systems when compared to open parenteral nutrition systems in terms of several clinical outcomes.
In most Latin-American countries individually customized nutrition formulations (CNF) remains the gold-standard for parenteral nutrition in opposition to industrialized ready-to-use parenteral nutrition (RTU). Although CNF is possibly associated with elevated infection rates, delay in the start of enteral nutrition and worse clinical outcomes there is no strong scientific evidence in the literature to support that the use of RTU is indeed associated with better clinical outcomes. The use of closed ready-to-use parenteral nutrition systems is probably associated with less infection rates and better clinical outcomes including less time at the hospital and at the intensive care unit, less consumption of hospital resources and most likely lower mortality rates as well as early initiation of parenteral nutrition support. The aim of this study is to evaluate all the above mentioned parameters in contrast with those observed when using CNF parenteral nutrition.
Parenteral Nutrition
parenteral nutrition, ready-to-use, customized nutrition formulation, olive oil, soybean oil, LCT/MCT, Clinoleic, oliclinomel, number of infections associated with TPN delivery system, BSI, Infection rates
Fernandes Tavora Hospital
Fernandes Tavora Hospital, Hospital Bandeirantes, Hospital Santa Luzia, Hospital Samaritano, Hospital da Polícia Militar, Sanatório Los Arcos, Sanatório Trinidad Palermo, Hospital Roosevelt
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08 Aug 2010
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